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  1. a small piece broke off and the bar has too much sideway movement ...
  2. but it looks different in quite a few aspects :-// don‘t know if it would fit :-(
  3. forgot to mention -/ thats leather dust — but i really should clean it first ...
  4. does anyone have an idea on how loosen the „hook saddle“ ? the screws 000-568-15 are loosend (taken them out) but the saddle 14-714-01 hardly moves at all ... thx in advance
  5. and her the brocken bottom part of the hook and the technical view if the machine — how do i get to the inner part of the bearings? cheers
  6. so first the funny part: on friday was a day to tell the grand children about .. i was at the printers for a magazine we print - and on the way was an old shoemaker who sold some tools and leather — well .... nothing nice there, but in the corner i saw this beautiful pfaff 345 with walking feet and synchronised (!) binder ... „could you use that?“ he asked .... what a question .. after my remark that a tension spring is missing, he came up with even more binding stuff and led me into the backoffice ... „here... do you need that one also?“ — a twin !!! a second pfaff 345 h2 or h3 —/ some thread and a 2 h talk followed ... what a beautiful day!! incredible happy bodo here the sad part; on one machine the hook is broken ... is there any place where i can buy one other than for 200 euros?? and — how to ger that part of of the machine? thx in advance ... cheers bodo
  7. Thx!! here is another one... I love his tools ... bought some Garden Scissors for my wife... and a knife. Just remembered him. Beautiful Tools Dictum tools
  8. Hi to all from the Salzburg Region. I am no leatherworker at all, but would say that i am pretty handy with tooling. I recently bought myself an UMAREX BB CO2 Colt (I love John Wayne) and was desperatly searching for a Holster... Thx to Google I found this forum and I have seen quite a lot beautiful pieces of craftmanship :-) I read since about 1 month, watched tons of Videos, downloaded quite a lot of PDF and Workshops and came to the conclusion that I wanted to start a new hobby ... :-) But I still have a few Questions and maybe someone can help me: 1) Veg tan Leather, 8-9 ounces for a holster ... but from which part of the "cow" (neck, shoulder..) shall I take? 2) If making a non lined holster - with what shall I smoothen the "inside" of the leather? 3) Most Important: Where can I order Leather, dye, needles and tools here in austria or Germany, since the shipping costs from US are way too high? To be honest - I don't really want to spend a fortune in material before no knowing, if this is something I really like to do ... so a "beginner" set would be fine ... Thx to the mods and the useres for this great forum :-) cheers
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