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  1. Sorry.. got a diffenert Acc on my iphone.. but the same person.. :-)) The part numbers are the same.. The look is different... I can ask evernice, if they can take it back, if it doesn't fit... But the shipping back to china may not be cheap- I could get one here in Europe for about 200 Euros ....
  2. Well.. it could be :-)) Maybe a used one from a Pfaff 145 oder 545...
  3. HI. I am searching for a Needle bar frame Rocker for my Pfaff 335. I suppose that one from a pfaff 145 would fit also. It is an older Machine (grey Yellowisch) --- I Would be glad if someone has one lying around somewhere :-))) Thx for your helb
  4. I clean it.. no rust... just brown Leather dust... But I think i have to pull out the 2 rods... :-(
  5. MacB

    Hello Trox,

    I read that you have a Service Manual for a Pfaff 345. I recently bought an OLD Pfaff 345 VR 132 B S for about 13 Euro :-)))

    It works fine (except that the Feed Dog has no Teeth at all and is smooth as baby skin) but it is s beatuy. Since I have to clean all parts, some kind of manual would help. I already asked in Pfaff Germany (I live in Austria) and they can't support me anymore ...

    BTW: An old black Pfaff 335 VR 132 B H2 S ia also coming my way :-))

    TIA and greetings from Austria.

  6. Hello - I might just warm an old thread up... I just bought an old Pfaff 345 VR 132 B S. The hook was totally jammed, but the wheel, feet and needlebar moved normally. I got out the hook together with tons of thread and now i have the problem, that i do not know how to get the lower gear to be moved to the left, so it will work together with the hook gear (at the moment they don't even touch each other). It doesn't have a safety clutch, and the 2 marked "screws" hold the bar into place, so i suppose i must loosen the screws on the gear and move the gear to the left... Would it be possible to send me a copy of the service Manual? Maybe I can find some usefull infos. Any help would be apprieciated. Greetings from austria!
  7. Nice Idea for the Pico :-)) Got some myself, so I might make some sleaves. Mind showing the bottom with the vent holes? THX
  8. Thx. We didn't know where to put our Logo, so thats why we came up with the this peace pf sheep skin on the "ropes" ... Nice side effect: this is also the slider, with which you can fasten or loosen the sling for the bad handles :-)))
  9. Hi, is it possible for you to post this: ??


    Then there's the question of how to stamp them. I'll post some pics of a homemade stamping machine I made out of an arbor press if anyone wants. If you already have an arbor press, it costs less than $50 all in to make if you have access to scrap materials, a drill press, and taps/dies.

    That would be very nice!


  10. Thx!! Yeah it is a nice switch :-)) Turning knob like i used to have in my childhood at home in the basement :-)
  11. Hi, I am a proud (newly) owner of a Pfaff 141 with a clutch motor and i bought myself this speed Reducer. http://www.techsew.com/parts-supplies/sewing-accessories/speed-reducer.html In Austria/Germany it only costs about $ 60,-. I still have no clue on how to get that thing under my table, since I almost have no space down there and I will have to move the motor position. Since I will need a new V-Belt and I would first of like to check the shortest distance between the big Pully and the motor, does anyone have a clue what kind and what size of vbelt fit onto that reducer? I found some with 9,7mm width, but it says, that the smallest diamter of a pulley shouldn't be less than 63mm (which is bigger than the small one on the reducer). Enclosed a few pics and the maybe only possible place where to put the reducer. I Will have to take the table apart, since the "cross-beam" (?) is in the way and i can't acces the screw anymore. thanks in advance
  12. Some free templates, but this guy has a lot of vids and most of them very informative .. that's where I got a lot of tips and the gusto to work with leather. I doesn't harm to buy a template from him. Even though a lot of his projects are not exactly for beginners, he has quite a few beginner Vids (Which tools to use, which leather, how to dye, etc...) http://ianatkinson.net/leather/videos.htm all vids her https://www.youtube.com/user/satansbarber/videos cheers
  13. Ahhh.. I've heeard about that site from Ian Atkinson.. thanks.. Didn't find the Link anymore...
  14. nice idea with the one piece sheath... looks easier to make than the wetforming i did becuase of the bottim part... and with that you have an air circulation and a built in waterdrain :-))
  15. hey guys, thx! The letters are plastic, so heating won't go.. that's why i want to get a brass plate. I live in austria and getting one of those magensium plates is not so easy.. and pretty expensive (about € 100,-). @nuttish - I would be very interessetd in some photos you mentioned above - the blindstamping and your homemade stamping machine. I will get myself an arbor press sooner or later anyhow .. Thx in advance
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