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  1. Kermode Custom Leather

    WTB Clicker Press

    Looking for a clicker press. I'm interested in those weaver 4 ton ones as well. I'm based in Edmonton, Alberta but I'll be driving through from California back here again for the second time this month, so anyone along that route I could pick up lol. Thanks!
  2. Kermode Custom Leather

    Weaver Mighty Wonder 4 Ton Clicker and Press

    Definitely interested, pm sent
  3. Kermode Custom Leather

    Help choosing first machine

    Again thanks everyone! I've been looking into all these options
  4. Kermode Custom Leather

    Help choosing first machine

    Thanks a ton for the replies, guys! I hadn't considered the hole size vs thread size from the machine with that type of stitch. Good to know!
  5. Kermode Custom Leather

    Help choosing first machine

    Oh, my budget for this one would be 1000 to around 2000, but if it'd be better to just get one machine I can save up. Budget is relatively flexible, I really want to get the perfect machine(s) for what I make, so I can save if needed lol. As long as it's doesn't get too crazy expensive
  6. Kermode Custom Leather

    Help choosing first machine

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on my first machine. I've been at this for the past 2 years and I can no longer keep up with all the hand stitching lol. So I'm looking to get a couple sewing machines for different work, but just starting with the one for now Because I can't really afford two at the moment. I figured I'd start with something for my light to medium stuff like bags/purses/wallets etc and then later on get one of the 441 style ones for the heavy stuff. I make a wide range of things and with wallets and saddlebags, belts, book covers etc I use veg tanned 4-5oz - 7-9oz with a lot of tooling. For purses and clutches etc it's usually 4-5oz chrome tanned and Kodiak type stuff. So at most it'd be about 3 layers of those. I Was told the 441 type machines have more trouble with the smaller things looking really clean, so I figured I'd get one for the smaller stuff like the purses and bags, and then eventually get the big one for the rest. But again, I don't know anything about sewing machines lol. Should I just save up and get the big machine? Right now I'm hand stitching everything with the braided chord from tandy and i like the look of that thick thread. I was looking at a couple so far: The techsew 2700, 2750 The titan 650 Oh, I'm in Alberta too if that makes a difference. Sorry for the long post, just trying to give as much info as possible lol. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nathan.