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  1. Well I answered my own question so I will post my results here for anyone else who wants to know. I remembered today that I had some small suede leather pouches. So I cut one apart so it would lay flat, fired up a normal iron on highest setting and ironed on a small patch. I also flipped it over and ironed the other side too, a trick that really helps stick a patch. The result is,,,,,,, fantastic! The patch is very securely glued to the suede. The rough surface really holds the glue well. I have a commercial heat press also, which works even better than an iron. I'll use that for large patches. The suede did not burn or discolor. I did put a sheet over the patch. So now ya know, patches iron on well to suede. But only the ones that have very good solid glue backing, not the cheap types that never stick!
  2. Hi everyone, Hope your holidays are going well. I know that trying to iron on patches with glue backing on leather does not work well, as they don't stick. But what about suede leather? I have some ladies western style fringe suede vest. I also sell Native American style patches with very good iron on glue backing, not the cheap stuff that never sticks! I assume since suede leather is very "fuzzy" that glue would stick well to it, but I don't want to ruin a vest trying to find out. Anyone know if glue sticks a lot better to suede leather than normal leather? Thank you.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. As for using an embroidery machine, those are great, but very expensive. In fact tomorrow I'm going to the ISS convention show here in Orlando. They will have a lot of embroidery machines set up and running. Very cool to see them making designs. No way I can afford one though.
  4. Thanks, will see about that stuff. I did use a glass on a coaster over it. Maybe I need to use more pressure. Thanks.
  5. Thank you for the advice. Actually Barge contact cement is what I got from Tandy leather. They said it was the best glue for leather. I tried putting a patch on a scrap piece of leather and let it set overnight. It was pretty easy to peel the patch off. I may find that it's going to be hard to find something that works with the patches. I was thinking of using automotive silicon, that stuff seems to stick to anything. Anyways thank you for trying to help.
  6. Hi all, It's been a long long time since I posted on here. I am currently experimenting with putting my embroidered patches that I sell onto leather purses and other small leather items. They have a very good solid heat glue backing. However that does not work well on leather. I did some searching and see that PETRONIO RUBBER CEMENT seems to be a good glue for leather. Is there anything better than that? I suppose I may have to rough up the solid glue backing on the patches to get them to stick. I tried the best glue that Tandy leather has and it did not work good at all. Any advice or tips much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thank you Boriqua for the tips.
  8. Ahhh ok, that does sound like a strong way to do it, thanks. I still have not done it yet, maybe this weekend.
  9. I buy and sell new leather jackets. Once in a while from shipping I get one that has a thread cut on a hem. I have two right now that have one place on the bottom hem of the jacket loose. The thread got snagged on something and got cut. So each spot has only a few loops of thread loose. I admit I know nothing about sewing leather. I got some matching color thread (jacket is brown with brown thread) and some hand needles. I assume I should start a few holes up from the open spots and sew pass the loose spots a ways, right? But how do I stop the other ends of the main thread from slowly working loose? Will the new stitching stop it? I know this is a very basic question but again, I hardly ever sew, and never have on leather. Thanks for any help. Bill
  10. Thank you, I'm still looking.
  11. I am looking to buy leather roses wholesale so I can sell them on several of my retail sites. Now, I have seen many different styles of leather roses. The type I'm looking for are full, 3D roses on a stem. I like the style in the picture I have attached. Notice they are not the "wrapped" type I have seen, where they roll leather into a ball and shape it. However I'm open to look at any style you may have and see if it meets what I am looking for. Different colors would be nice also, especially red, purple, white and black. You can reply to this post or send me a message. Thank you.
  12. Thanks, I will check out your website and shoot you an email sometime.
  13. I've had an online leather retail store for 10 years or so. Currently I run over 50 websites, many different ones. I'm trying to build up my main leather retail store with new items. I try to sell unique and different items, not the same stuff everyone else has. I also want high quality items. If you make anything you'd like to sell wholesale let me know and I'll see what I can do. Nothings too small or too different. I sell all kinds of biker stuff too. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here.
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