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  1. @DS DOUG, thanks for the link. Will enquire. Any more advice or links?
  2. Yes the letters are mounted seperately They seem to be attached through a plate in the leather with holes at the location of each letter. Seems each letter has a rod or screw or something behind it which fasten it through the holes on the plate. Then again, I could be wrong
  3. Thank you.Those are really nice but not exactly what I want. The ones I need are not hollow, have a more defined shape, and seem to be attached to a piece of metal in between the leather. I'm however one step closer to finding them thanks to you, so thank you very much.
  4. ​I am looking for fittings of this sort (as in the image) in brass or so with a range of different letters for a project I am working on Can anyone tell me what these are officially called? Can anyone also give me a good quality manufacturer who can provide these? Lastly, are these actually better in brass as I have assumed? o are they usually made of a different metal for a certain reason? Weight e.t.c. Any help would be amazing!!!
  5. I am starting a leather belt company in London I need help making a quality leather belt with a similar design to the attached image (the buckle is a Sam-Browne buckle). I am located in London and would like to work with a manufacturer in the UK or Europe but not much farther. I would like this to start as soon a spossible and would appreciate if we could meet in person, hence closeness being a beneficial factor. And tips, links and/or advice would be much appreciated!!! Belt Info.pdf
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