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  1. This is awesome to see some ball gloves on here. I have always loved leather, and especially love great ball gloves. My dad worked with leather, mostly saddles, tack, holsters, etc, a lot and owned a couple industrial sewing machines for leather work. We had plans to make a ball glove as a fun project about 3 years ago, but both procrastinated getting started. He was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple years and passed away this past February. My step mother sold most of his leather tools, but left one of the sewing machines to sell to help make repairs to my rent house that they lived in. I was searching this site initially to try to find a buyer for the machine, but seeing these gloves has me considering keeping the machine and starting our project. Not sure, though, as it is a fairly valuable machine and kind of an expensive "toy" for someone as inexperienced as I am. Anyhow, I look forward to reviewing the information here to help me in my decision.