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  1. After Bob called me. Icalled 5 minutes later around 1 in the afternoon. No luck. Merry Christmas Bob, called you 10 times today. Your mailbox is full.
  2. I called him 10 times today and will continue to call him untill he answers. I am thinking about calling the Farmington police. Surely someone must communicate with him. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Not sure why Bob Beard never answers his phone. His mailbox has been full for years. His email listed on Pro Tools does not work! He called me about my order, so I have his number. I know he is still alive because he called me. Help..........
  4. Thanks for your reply. I just saw a tab that said Tag, I do not have any idea what it means? I am surprised that the moderators did not reply to my questions. Gallery space? I do not know how to use gallery space, I guess, I am not computer literate. Blogs, I will have to look this up? Ambassador what are the requirements? Once again, Thank You.
  5. Oldnslow,  I live in Gilroy California.  I owned California Billiard Club in Mountain View and Fremont Ca but no longer.  I never played Frank the Barber.  He is still playing good.  He is playing in Super Senior One Pocket in Texas.  Why don't you get a Padgett cue, he should give you a good price.  Danny Stout Asheboro North Carolina made me a nice jump break cue, about 20 years ago.

    Take Care



      I understand Tim no longer makes any cues, I speak to Frank every now and then and we are friends on Facebook,  I follow what is going on with him, he and John Henderson are playing in the super seniors tour, in fact John won the last outing in Texas.  There was a big outcry about letting the seniors play with the super seniors but then you would have Efren, and some of his homies wanting to pay in it and that would knock out Frank, John and some other players. 

  6. Okay, I see a Donation tab. So what do you get for a donation? Why are some members names in Red or Blue? What is a Tag? Thank You
  7. Martyn, Yes sharpening is a "ART". I sharpened my Tandy ergonomic swivel knife on a 3x10 DMT Diasharp extra fine, then 3x8 Spyderco UF306 ceramic. I used a Big Red Sharpening fixture by Chuck Smith to keep the angle consistent. I could have used my Tormek, maybe I will try using it on my Robert Beard swivel knifes when they come in a year.
  8. judgebc

    2nd Pool Cue Case

    Oldnslow, No, I don't have a Tim Padgett cue. Hall of fame Cuemaker Bert Schrager first trained Tim Padgett as well as me. i took Bert out of a Hospice when he was really sick, I knew he still had life. Pat took care of him at home for another four years. Doug kept making cues and i would drive down on weekends to help, and Bert would supervise us. I have the last Schrager cue ever made. I miss Bert and Pat......
  9. judgebc

    2nd Pool Cue Case

    Ebbtide, I have several 4x8 Jack Justis cases. I do not like pouches as it takes the symmetry and beauty away from the leather. I have a attaché case that carry all the necessary junk……..grin... I only use one case. It contains a Joss West (Ivory Joint) with 3 shafts, Steve Lomax Jump cue 1 shaft. Mike Gulassy Break Cue 1 shaft, 1 Ray Shuler Billiard Cue with 2 shafts. In the car is my Snooker Cue. All cues made by hall of Fame Cuemakers. I started playing in Bars when I was 7. Keep up the GOOD work.
  10. judgebc

    2nd Pool Cue Case

    Very Nice Case. Here is a tip if your going to sell these. Most pool players buy a cue with two shafts.
  11. I have been stropping my swivel knife with Tandy's White Rouge every day for two months. Today,I used my Formax Micro-fine Green Rouge. Wow the swivel knife slid like butter over the leather.
  12. Okay, so I have rolled the burr? Does this mean it is not sharp and won't cut? Can, I feel or see it? What power of loupe do I need to see it, any recommendations? Do, I have to go to a 1200 grit stone, and re-sharpen it? I have a diasharp dmt extra fine, which I believe is 1200 grit/mesh/9 micron, is this what I use? Thanks?
  13. Art, I called Springfield Leather the lady there told me she never heard of it, Horse Butt. I asked her to check, she did so reluctantly. She said they do not carry it or maybe they do not sell it anymore. Then she said maybe there out of it. Is their another supplier.? Thanks
  14. Tugadude, Thank You very much. I can now order some tools, the knife looks great. electrathon, ouch....l am in big trouble. I do not know his prices but, One grand is not enough.
  15. I see so many great comments on Mr. Beards tools. I have Ordered two of his Swivel Knives, one year wait. I have no idea what it will look like. Can someone post pics of his swivel knife. What other tools does he make? Looks like his website is not being updated, would love to see a catalog.
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