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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I did skive it down some. But it turned out to be a bit to thick still so I will need to rework the front piece for him to fit it. I think I will use some of the 3oz leather in the future instead, but was completely out when I finished this one and thought I would take a short cut...woaa woaa woaaaaa.
  2. I feel bad that I have been part of the forum for some time now, but hardly ever take the time to post anything. Wanted to share my first attempt at making a guitar strap for a friend. Feel free to critique if you have some feedback as I enjoy this forum as a great resource for learning new things. It's made from a 6oz veg tan hide, cut, dyed, basic tooling for the edge border, burnished edges, and then finished off with resolene and a neetsfoot/beeswax mix I use to lotion all my products with before they ship out.
  3. Does anyone know where I could find a matte nickel spring clip/swivel hook similar to the ones in the picture from Tap and Dye? Helping a customer with a custom bag order and he really wanted to add hooks/clips similar to the ones used on this camera strap that he currently uses. I've searched high and low with no real success. Any help would be much guaranteed Thanks in advance. /Marcus
  4. I recently had a request to make a shoulder bag big enough to hold a camera and a couple of lenses. I left the inside unfinished (only treated with oil) to let it grow a patina as she continues to use it.
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