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  1. Ok, I know this is a unicorn...... Singer 19-10 Anyone know of one available and in working condition in the US?
  2. Anyone have any info on this machine? Is it a “darner”?
  3. Is the Pfaff 335 still available? What type of feed mechanism? (bottom feed/walking foot/needle feed/unison)



  4. I'll probably be picking my 11-24 up in the next week. Pics to follow!
  5. Hi Darren! The 19-10 would be perfect with the zig-zag capability! I need an up the arm machine that has the ability to sew a zig zag. Are shuttles still available for the 19-10?
  6. Looking for this machine or close equivalent. Need the ability to sew up the arm and have vibrating needle and alternating pressers. Thanks!
  7. Hi Bob- It's a Singer 11-24 and the arm is about 32" long.
  8. I need a stand for a Singer 11 class. Anyone have any ideas or stands I can adapt?
  9. Are the 794D and a 7X2 needle interchangeable? I'm getting a Singer 11-24 and trying to tie up the loose ends…
  10. Is this machine still available?
  11. cjstair55...Tell me what you need. I may have it as I also have a 97-10 and have acquired some replacement parts. PM me or e-mail - cantman@speakeasy.net
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