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  1. 135 either a 20 or 21. I don't break needles. it's mainly a space issue. Thread nylon #69.
  2. I'm looking for a flatbed walking foot machine with a high lift, 20mm, or more, for sewing backpack harness parts with. I currently use a 1541s for most of my sewing but I struggle with 3/8" closed cell foam(4lb density), multiple layers of Cordura and nylon webbing. It works but it's a struggle. I cannot fit 1/2" closed cell foam parts in this machine. I have been looking at the Juki LU-2810s, which has a 20mm lift. Does anyone have experience with this machine or recommendations for a high lift flatbed walking foot? Thanks
  3. the upper straps are what I'm after. Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm working on reproducing some vintage bicycle bags that use leather straps to attach to the handlebars. While I do sew some leather, I don't own the tools to make the straps. they are 5/8' x 8" with a riveted roller buckle. I need 12 straps. you can see my sewing work at www.alpineluddites.com thanks IMG_7105.HEIC
  5. pack returned to the customer. thanks for the help.
  6. hi, I was sent a 60's built canvas and leather Lafuma backpack to repair, but I don't work with leather that much aside from die cutting lash tabs and adding leather backpack bottoms. My company is Alpine luddites, based in Ouray, Colorado. .. I'm looking for recommendations on who to ask to rebuild this harness. it's a very sentimental pack to the owner. he'd like it restored. photos attached. please contact me with questions or suggestions, jc at alpineluddites dot com
  7. Thanks for that. I really appreciate it. the closet industrial sewing machine repair is in Denver or salt Lake, both 6 hours away. It seems the thread is falling out of the lower tension/spring disk. is the "hook part of the tension disk in the correct location on my machine?
  8. I'll try that again. thanks for the help. nice website. do those Pfaff 145 have reverse?
  9. it feels ok. i just switched out to a new case and adjusted the tension. the loops are actually the top thread. it randomly goes out of tension. the loops in the photo are the top thread, looking at the bottom of the fabric.
  10. I'm looking for some suggestions to get my machine's tension sorted. I use it 10-20 hours a week and it's normaly fine. But today the tension is acting funny. the stiching looks fine on top and bottom, but then I'll loose tension on the bottom and have a bunch of looped thread. i have checked the bobbin tension, the top tension, changed the needle...looking for more suggestions. thanks
  11. Is the Pfaff 335 still available? What type of feed mechanism? (bottom feed/walking foot/needle feed/unison)



  12. i'm selling a almost new Pfaff 335 walking foot cylinder arm machine with the the oscillating binder attachment. It's a fantastic machine but it doesn't have enough pull for binding the seams( bought to set up as a dedicated binder) of my backpacks and bike bags. you can see my work www.alpineluddites.com, just so you have a reference for the type of items i was using it on. I know now it's a better leather machine than nylon from friends who own small production facilities here in Colorado. My staple machine is the Consew206RB-5 which just plows through anything with #69 & 92 thread. I also use it for sewing on leather patches and bottoms on some of my packs too. so I have 20 hours of actual sewing time on the this machine. Has the Pfaff anti knock off sticker. 3/4 hp servo. has both oscillating binder and regular plate and feet. located in Colorado. asking $1900
  13. Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. How do i adjust the hook/needle timing? the manual doesn't make this clear. i'll double check the binder feet as well but they don't affect the needle length perse. needle goes through the hole with no problem. but i can see the needle hitting the hook. Thanks again. jc
  14. hi, I wanted to ask for some suggestions on getting my machine up and running. I just bought a brand new Pfaff 335, it's a cylinder arm machine. I'm setting it up as a dedicated binder for work on custom backpacks. I set up the machine this past week once it arrived and as normal walking foot it was fine. I installed the dedicated binder parts. i immediately broke a needle and now my needle hits the bobbin hook. the Pfaff manuals are not that helpful in this regard . So I'm wondering if any one else has some experience with this machine. FYI>using #20, #22 needles, #69 & 92 thread. i mainly sew heavy nylon fabrics and webbing. all my leather sewing (lash patches and leather bottoms) I do on my Consew 206. While this is my first posting to the forum on this site, I have been an avid reader and used the info here for setting up my own leather die cutting for my custom packs. I reproduce packs from 60's and 70's and made replica dies for the leather. my website : www.alpineluddites.com Thanks JC
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