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  1. If anyone thinks they can use this thing or any parts off of it, they are yours to have. It has quite a bit of wear on the feed roller lugs. Any parts that are subject to wear are likely just as bad as yours. All of the knobs and such are there, and I have two count them two covers for the pulley side. I'll hang on to it for a while. If anyone is interested you can contact me for pictures of individual parts. I live just outside of Orlando Florida if you want to come and get it.
  2. Well, thank you all for the input, I've decided to abandon this project. There would be machine shop expense involved, and even if I was able to overcome everything, I think I'm just putting lipstick on the pig here at this point. There is a guy a few hours from me that has a pretty nice Tecshsew Bell skiver, and might be interested in a sewing machine trade, and if not, I do have the Barnslely's.
  3. Yeah, he would come out every couple of months, take orders, and when the shoes came in you would buy them right out of the trunk of his car!
  4. Yeah, rich history there in St Louis. I'm from Kansas City myself, and then moved around the Midwest a few times when my dad transferred. I miss the Midwest. Good honest, genuine folks. Others in the forums have said that MSC isn't much interested in trying to help in any way with this old equipment, but I appreciate the tip just the same. Have you acquired any of that good ol Made in St. Louis U.S.A. shoe machinery? I don't think there is much U.S. shoe manufacturing anymore. Redwing still makes some of their shoes here, but a lot of it is imported now too. Redwing has their own tannery too I found out a while back. I don't remember the name, but I'm sure I have it written down somewhere. I'll look for it. I'm sure there are others. Even Mason shoes is still hanging on, but it's all imported. I remember when I was younger, there was this older gentleman who must have been 80 that would come out to the shop and take your Mason shoe order.
  5. I thought I would pass this along, because it lends credence to the Manufacturer's Supplies Company Bell Skivers as being possibly a German import for what it's worth. I decided I need to take the seals out of this gear-case. They are marked CFW, which turns out to be Carl Freudenberg Weinheim, a German company from 1849 that is still in business today. Interestingly enough, they started off as a tannery, and didn't get into the sealing business until the late 1920's and developed the revolutionary simmerring in 1932, and named it after the Freudenberg developer Walther Simmer. The Campbell Randall Parts list/ Service manual for this machine, refers to the seals as Simmerrings. Freudenberg company history, It's good read if you like that kind of thing
  6. Yes, absolutely on the vacuum table, that will be a nice compliment to a "someday" bell skiver. I appreciate your input, that at least settles the issue as to whether it can be put back or not. It hard a hard life in a Florsheim shoe factory. The guy who was maintaining their equipment in house was doing his best I think to keep the old girl online by packing grease into the gear case along with the oil to slow the leaks down. I got it from a rancher in Ocala along with 3 singer sewing machines from the same factory, so it's a nice story anyway. I think I would be better off to track him down and give him $20 to take it off my hands, but that's not a half bad idea with the separate motor! I literally just broke my Barnsley skiving knives out last night, but it is just a hobby, and I do indeed like tinkering.
  7. There it is, an empty gear box, and missing shaft from the gear box to the material feed assembly.
  8. I might be interested in a parts machine if anyone has one. I don't know how you would go about shipping something like that? This thing must weigh 100 pounds or more.
  9. You nailed it on the missing cover. I had noticed it missing, but didn't think much of it. There appears to be a missing gearset and transfer shaft arangement that drives the feed roller just as you said. I'll post up some pictures in a bit. This thing was basically free to me. It was thrown in with a sewing machine lot that I bought a few years ago. It is history though, and I hate to see it go to the scrap yard. Thanks Danne, I was able to learn from that thread that my missing knob (in the missing cover), is a sharpening stone dressing tool.
  10. You may have noticed that I have 2 right side covers sitting on the table there
  11. Hello, I would appreciate some advice on an old Bell Skiver I bought a while back. I am at the point of trying to decide whether this is a viable restoration project or a parts machine for someone else. It's a Manufacturer's Supply Company Model 15ASTN mounted on the original table with exhaust system and waste collection bin. Known Problems before tear-down: The left door is missing. I think there is a knob in that door that is a stop or adjustment for something, (knob missing too). I don't have the correct Spare parts manual, and don't really know much about these machines. Knife cover is missing The guide and feet are missing One of the pulleys has some pieces broken out If holding the knife still and rocking the pulley, there is almost 1/8" of lash Of course it will need a new knife, sharpening stone and belts Motors are 3 phase I want to experiment with some chrome tan projects. If this is beyond repair, a new or good used one will not be in my budget for some time. In that case, I might be looking for a manual alternative. Any recommendations? More
  12. Sorry to just be coming back to this, I haven't been on the site for a bit. I did buy 2 of the 240 volt1400 watt motors after all. I haven't gotten around to trying out any of those motors yet, or even opening the box's. How are you guys using the 240 volt motors on 120 volt circuits?
  13. I've been looking with interest at the Japanese Oka stitching irons. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information available; Goods Japan is carrying some of their higher end edge tools. Leathertoolz has good things to say about their cutting/ punch board on his you tube channel. Has anyone bought or used the stitching irons
  14. I think the point is value. Are you in a position and have the desire to deliver value? Value doesn't always mean the lowest price; as a matter of fact, value usually costs more, and there are plenty enough people who have learned that. If your expenses are such that you have to compromise, the value goes down, the percentage of repeat business and referrals follow. Here now, you can either scale things back or try to build an image to attract new business. If you don't have the desire to deliver value, well I guess that cant be learned or taught. You simply cash in by working the "spread". Hopefully most craftsman are the folks that have the desire to offer competent service or products at a fair price.
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