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  1. Enduro servo motors are all over ebay right now with heat/ water damaged box’s at well, fire sale prices, but the motors seem to be ok. The deals appear to be genuine, I bought some so I will let you know when they get here, but I think they are going fast. I would say jump in if you don’t mind 240 volts, as it appears that all of the 120v motors are sold. A decent quality 1000 watt step up transformer can be had for under $100 on Amazon if 240 volts is not available. I agree that I found better deals through questionable websites but I chose to buy through through an intermediary like ebay. I bought 5 SM645B-2p’s from an ebay seller for $199.75 ($39.95 each), with free shipping and free returns. I think I paid about that much each for the ones that I already have. Another note, these motors are 800 watts and full torque at even the slowest speed you cant hold the pully. I have been very happy with them. I couldn’t find any info on the differences between the 645 and the 645B, but the B may stand for brushless. My 2 older SM645-1p motors are brushless however. The 2 designates 240 volts, and the P is for positioner. Some models have an F for automatic foot lift. If you want even more power the SM1050-2p’s rated at 1400 watts are available for around $50. I didn’t go for those because the seller didn’t seem as trustworthy and no free returns. On a sad note, the Enduro Saves website appears to be down.
  2. hmmm, that's worth keeping in mind in general. Thanks, I'm going to look into that today!
  3. Yes, I'm afraid that pie eye may have gotten the better of me on this. I left a message on your phone, (and email) just as your post popped up. Give me some good news.
  4. Hi well there is a little more to the story. I bought the 145 and 1245 heads together from a retired sewing machine mechanic for $200. They came out of a little shed full of old industrial sewing machines and clutch motors strewn about on the floor. He gave me a plastic bag of parts to put the 145 back together and told me that the 1245 just needed a hook. The hook looked pretty new to me and I didn't see anything wrong with it. I thought that I had scored big time. both machines were seized. When I got them home and started cleaning and assessing, I realized that he had swapped parts (including hook saddles) between the machines trying to get the 1245 running. To make matters worse, most of the parts in the bag were either not for either machine, or close enough to cause a question mark. Long story short, by now my head was swimming from trying to unravel the mess and navigate Phaff's parts diagrams and numbering system and most of my parts don't have part numbers on them. So while in that mode, I noticed the paint shade difference between the 1245 hook saddle and the machine casting itself. Who knows what it came off of? May be right, maybe not? I called him up looking for the missing gear but he doesn't know. Gear cases are missing from both machines too. I have the 1245 gear case coming from Germany now, but as I said, I can't get a handle on the gear set. I tried Strima Poland, sewtech71, (Ebay used parts dealer) Cutsew, Pennsew (which is where I get my parts). Thanks for looking into that for me Constabulary, you got further than I did. College Sewing does show it but it's on back order. I will try Keysew. but It's starting to look like the only way I'm going to find it new is on a dusty old shelf somewhere in a hometown sewing repair shop. That's where the retrofit comes in, anyone know if it will work?
  5. Hello, I bought a pfaff 1245-706/47 6/01 CLPMN which appears to be in fairly good and usable condition other than a few missing parts. First off, the hook saddle is a slightly different shade of grey than the machine casting and there is no part number which would confirm that it is correct to this machine. I was able to find some very clear detailed pictures in several views of a known correct part and after much inspection I can't spot any difference other than the color. One of the hook drive bevel gears is missing, (the smaller hook shaft driven gear). Pfaff has discontinued the gear set part number 91-019 120-90 and I can't find it anywhere. My machine did not come fitted with the hook oiling system. I have a line on a complete new old stock hook saddle assembly for $120.00, but it is fitted with hook oiling. Stated part number is 91-140 191-91 Is there a reason why I couldn't retrofit my 706/47 sub model? That would solve my gear problem, allay my fear that my hook saddle is incorrect, and upgrade my machine to boot? Away from that, does anyone know where I might get a set of hook drive gears. I see the chinese sets on ebay for $50 but they claim that they will work for 145, 545 and 1245 and I happen to know that the 145 hook drive lower shaft is .020 smaller. (On my 145-6 H3 anyway). I suppose that would mean that it fits (very) sloppy on the 145 but would fit correctly on the 1245. Thanks in advance for any input, Guy
  6. Well thanks for that Uwe, I think I will take your advice, get a standard OE set, and see how it works out. I found a new OE set for $50. at Murphysew.com As far as "wickedly expensive" goes, I suppose that engineering and tooling costs have to be recovered against a comparatively smaller number of units produced. My Adler reminds me of a clunky old Mercedes Benz. I was an auto mechanic for 33 years. I had customers who could afford to drive anything that they wanted to, but drove an old Mercedes Benz that didn’t really have much value. It was substantial, well designed, well made, comfortable and reliable and it would last as long as they wanted it to. They didn’t balk over high maintenance and repair costs because the car gave them value. Plus, there is just the cool factor that can’t be explained.
  7. Hello, I bought a used Chandler/ Adler 67 with table on Craigslist for $150. From knowledge gained here I was careful to make sure that it has the upgraded rubber timing belt and that it is the Gk373 leather specific model. I didn't notice until later that it does not have the standard presser feet, it has piping feet. All of the presser feet sets that I am finding (including the original equipment feet) have very aggressive knurling. From Adler's parts diagrams I don't see different feet options that might be specific for the Gk373. My question is did the Gk373 come with the same presser feet and feed dog as the other models and should I expect any issues with the deeply knurled OE feet? What are the smallest and largest thread and needle sizes that I can use? By the way, this is my first posting and I want to thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience. I got a SP3 speed reducer, an Enduro servo motor with EPS and I found a great Artisan article showing how to turn the table upside down, lay out the components and mark the mounting holes. I'm looking forward to getting my machine up and sewing.
  8. Baron Belts has very reasonable pricing on 50 yard rolls of heavyweight cotton canvas webbing as well as cotton blends
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