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  1. In my experience with this patcher the way to make this machine work with the #135 thread and I got it to work good is one, the bottom bobbin tension and two the top thread tension. So this patcher has a hard time getting a strong top tension I had to give it two turns around the top tensioner yes two so it can pull the the bottom thread to the middle of the leather. If I had a trick to share that would be it, you want to pull the knot of the bottom and top thread to the middle of the project. I think you have to focus on how to get the thread knot to the middle of the leather and it’s all done by adjusting t the top or bottom tension.
  2. Long way just to make them dull.
  3. Sorry Chadd for a delay respond, I didn’t realized that I had not checked in for a while.
  4. Good job I just made this tote bag for my wife with this badass machine. I really like it and it saved me alot of time not sewing it by hand.
  5. This was also done with the patcher 6x10 in clutch purse.
  6. I filed the bottom of the foot to avoid the teeth marks and I’m getting a little more than 3 feet with #138 in the bobbin enough for wallets, cases, key chains and other small items. I figured out that you need perfect tession of the thread top and bottom and I’m using a #21 needle by the way. I think it’s a good machine for small items.
  7. Long time lurker first time replying, just wanted to put in my 2 cents about the patcher. I got mine in late December and I know it’s not a CB3200 but I got it to sew 138 thread like this and because I’m a tinker I love this machine.
  8. Yes thank you... thank you... I also found this one... http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=42694&hl=wallet&&page=2 The Attached Thumbnails gives a lot of information.
  9. Hello Pzarkov Great wallet do you mind me asking how you did the card slots i have been researching how to do it with out any luck.Can you direct me to a place .Great wallet once again .
  10. That doesn't seem promising.. Is there another way to achieve this design ?
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to do a card slot with out stitching in the front or even stitching in the front. I ones saw that they do a long nylon fabric with folds to do the pockets in the inside but I cant figure it out.. Its all to make a thinner wallet..ThanX in advance.
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