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  1. Even Juki machines are made in China now. I preferred old machines than the newer one, be it the outlook design or the color, although the function doesn’t differ much. Postbed machines are not common in my area, I would say it’s rare to see one. What we commonly see here are machines for tailors, or domestic machines
  2. Thank you Uwe for the review and info for DA 268. The Price is double of the Consew 289 I found here, but also better in condition.
  3. Thank you wizcrafts for the info. What I can find here for new machines are mostly china made. For machines wise I preferred those made in Europe, USA or Japan. Second hand or vintage machines are hard to find here, they are either exported out to the neighboring countries in the 90s or they are still used by some small operations.
  4. Hi guys, I’m looking for a postbed sewing machine for sewing bags. I sew mainly with duck canvas, sometimes will have to sew through 2-3 layers of 24oz canvas. Which postbed machine will you guys recommend? I have found a Durkopp Adler K268, and a Consew 289RB-1, anyone has either of this machines that can provide some review. I’m also open to other option. Thanks! Tony
  5. My Singer 211 has the same oil pan as fbmini, which at first I thought it's not the original. I think the original 211u did not come with a knee lifter, so you can see an ugly cut out hole on the oil pan to install a knee lifter.
  6. This is awesome! I think most of the industrial sewing machines made in the 80s has color like this. I have a Singer 211 that needed a paint touch up, so I think this spray might work. Thanks @Pintodeluxe for the great recommendation. I don’t wish to repaint the whole machine, do you think it’s possible if I just send the rusted and peeled paint part and spray over it works? Tony
  7. Hi, I’m looking for the front foil take up spool for model M50/M60. Anyone has one to spare pls leave me a message or dm me at choeur.co@hotmail.com. Thank you Regards, Tony
  8. Hi, I’m looking for a Kingsley hot foil stamping machine front take up spool with foil clip for model M50/M60. Anyone has one to spare pls leave a message or dm me @ Choeur.co@hotmail.com. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tony
  9. Hi Bill, I totally respect the idea of supporting local made products, especially with situation like now, that many products are made in third world countries or country like China and India - the giant in manufacturing and mass production. The growing of China economy and the quality products they are producing now, is like seeing light from the end of the tunnel for me. In the past I have to compete with locals or European to bid on eBay.com/UK, but now I feel I’m lucky to be in Asia, and I see many people from the west are trying to source for things in Asia now, it’s like what I was doing in the past. I can see the improvement of China made products now, and I’m very sure it will get better and better. It’s just like all the crafters/artisans here on LW, the more we do, our skill will only get better and better:) Tony
  10. Hi guys, This is an interesting topic to discuss about. I’m probably one of the few Asian members here in LW, and I’m from Singapore(definitely not a part of China). I used to be asked,” Is Singapore a part of China?” or “Which part of China is Singapore located?” whenever I travelled, but that could also be because my race is Chinese:) Anyway, I used to think China made stuffs are crappy like most of you guys, but ever since I visited China 3 years ago, my opinion totally changed. Think of it, China has one of the biggest manufacturing industry now, in the past they have no knowledge or skilled workers, but because of foreign investors that set up factories in China which happened few decades ago... and now these mainland Chinese not only has the knowledge, but also the skilled to produce good quality products. They can produce a similar accessories/hardware of similar quality to the West, but with more variety and choices for consumers to choose from. Of course, like what Hadrada had mentioned about the cheap poor quality ones, they are still producing that kind of stuffs because they are not only catering to one kind of consumers, but many different kind, so different product quality has different price, and of course you pay more for better quality. What I’m trying to say here is, China made products are no longer crappy and poor quality like what we used to think anymore. If you bought some poor quality stuffs that’s made in China, that’s because you haven’t found the real deal and the price you paid also plays an important part in the stuffs quality you are getting. Tony
  11. Hi, is this machine still available? What’s the price? Do you shop overseas?
  12. Hi Yanni, Which machine did you purchase in the end? Does Pfaff 335 and seiko lsc-8bv have the same specs? Meaning do they have the same capabilities? Your info or anyone with any info about this will be appreciated. Tony
  13. Hi Folker, The decal is fantastic and your Singer post bed is so well restored. I’m in need of a post bed machine for my work and looking hard for one. Post bed is very useful and it does not restrict you from sewing something with odd sizes, like shoes or bags. Wonder what Al thinks of my suggestions about replicating the decals with KisSinger, he has to reply. Tony
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