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  1. Wiz, thank you. Yes, the side seams do look like pleats. The wife likes that look. Hopefully someone will have an LV Artsy bag and be able to take a picture.
  2. Thank you Wiz, that's extremely helpful information, great detail. We weren't sure how it all went together. Thank you. We're particularly interested in how deep the folds are on the ends . We suspect the lower portions of the folds go in as far as the double-felled seam on the bottom that you mentioned, We're not sure how deep the upper portion of the folds are which is why we think a picture will be helpful.
  3. My wife recently bought a beautiful piece of Campolena leather in Latte color (first picture) and wants to make a handbag with it. She would like to duplicate the folded treatment that you see on the end of the Louis Vuitton Artsy bag in the next picture. Would someone who has or someone whose wife/GF has a Louis Vuitton Artsy bag please take a picture of the bag with the fold held open to show the sewing detail? Thank you, thank you very much.
  4. Evo160K

    Claes 8346 restoration questions

    Are you able to post a pic or two? Btw I have an 8345-30...... I believe.
  5. Restoring these fine old machines is becoming more and more difficult. Authentic Simanco parts are near impossible to find. Thank you for any assistance.
  6. how are you doing al still looking for 45k 25 rocker shaft

    1. Evo160K


      Hi John,

       I haven't been logging on much lately, so I don't see the PM's.  I just now logged on and saw your message.  Things are going ok here.  Finished the 45K25.  You may have to buy a 45K parts machine to get a rocker shaft.

      Give me a call when you have time, we'll catch up.

  7. Evo160K

    singer 15-91 help

    Tardis86, These may be useful: http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERSERVICE/15-91-Adj Manual.pdf http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERPARTS/15-91.pdf http://dixiesewingmachine.tzo.com/MANUALS/SINGERSERVICE/15 Class-Inst.pdf
  8. Evo160K

    Job Specific Sewing Machines

    Jimi, so you don't think the spool is automatically feeding the "bobbin"?
  9. Evo160K

    Job Specific Sewing Machines

    Jimi, we're okay here, thank you. Hope you're the same. That's some unusual job specific machine pictured in your link. Is that lower spool of thread continuously feeding the bobbin? Isn't that' sort of the holy grail of sewing? The machine Singer made during WWII for Boeing had a very, very long arm and sat maybe 7-8 feet in the air on a roller stand..... incredible looking machine sitting along side a bomber. Sure would like to see it again... other unusual machine as well. Those job specific machines are fascinating.
  10. While searching for a picture of a particular Singer 45K, I stumbled upon this unusual Union Special bag closing machine that I thought was pretty trick. I'm fairly new to sewing machines, so this one may be old hat to many of you. http://www.industrialsewmachine.com/webdoc1/union special/2200.htm Perhaps it would be interesting to see pictures of other unusual job specific machines..... particularly leather. I saw a picture once of a huge, long arm, Singer on a stand that was being used to sew aircraft wings onto fuselages. You read that right, I couldn't believe my eyes, I tried several times to find it again, but couldn't. Anybody see that one?
  11. Evo160K

    how to identify old singers

    This website will show you pictures of the various Singer 45K subclasses. http://www.industrialsewmachine.com/webdoc1/used/used-singers/45k.htm
  12. @ Constabulary Good to know. Thank you. @ Catskin Thank you.
  13. Thank you one and all. Uwe, you nailed it, great information. Thank you. Thank you Suzelle and thank you Machinehead. Looks like the Singer Class 7 uses a similar part also .
  14. Evo160K

    Singer 45K69 Channeling Knife

    That would great, Simran, thank you. You can post it or pm it. How are your K69 and treadle doing? Do they get much use?