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  1. Hi CowboyBob, JLSleather suggested I contact your re my posted question - here is a link to it http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/70832-when-i-cant-buy-locally-which-sewing-machine-for-leather-and-canvas-should-i-get-and-from-whom/


    1. CowboyBob



       Here's one we sell along with one that is similar to a Juki 341,it can be seen on our Facebook page.


  2. Thank you AEMcClain, I will look into Cobra, and thank you JLSLeather I will contact CowboyBob. Thank you ThatLeatherLady, both for the compliment re my uncle and for the advice to learn to service my own machine, good advice of course.
  3. Hi, I love this community of people helping each other, I have read... and read and read, and so now I know that there is no one machine that will suit all of my needs for the rest of my life, I know how a lot of you feel about clones and I feel the same way. I live in an area of the county that has no industrial sewing machine stores remotely near me (29909, Okatie SC) so I will have to buy a machine and have it shipped to me, and set it up myself. I can get a neighbor to help a little bit with physically setting the motor in place. Buying an industrial sewing machine is mainly because my artist uncle died and left me all of his unfinished and will-never-be-able-to-be-sold paintings. These paintings are on canvas and linen with layers of paint - enough to make probably 70 bags. I have tried to make a couple of mock-ups on my home sewing machine and though it's a trooper, of course I am limited (yes I read the post on the difference between home and industrial) but aside from that I want to sew with thicker thread than is possible on a home machine. I want to add leather trim and handles like on the Kuba cloth bag I made at a leather bag making workshop. So I know from my research that I need a cylinder arm, I'd like a binder (I think), let's pretend price is no object (because I think the machines are priced competitively and you get what you pay for) and since there is no one around to service the machine I need one that will not break down (is that possible?). I know I want a servo motor. I believe that a 3/8 sewing thickness will be enough. I think that I need a walking foot. I think in my case it's best to buy a new machine. The help I am asking for here is if you could please tell me if I should look any further than Juki, and which company you can recommend I buy it from. I looked longingly at a Juki 1342-7. I do love the thread trimmer on my home machine but have heard it is very expensive on an industrial machine. Maybe you will tell me that since I live in such a remote place that it really is not a good idea to even buy an industrial machine until I move somewhere else one day. If that is the case I would really appreciate the honesty. The paintings will not deteriorate with time. Thank you, PossumBean
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