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  1. Hi John

    Is there any chance you could send me the higher resolution jpg image of the US postal bag that you have?

    Many thanks


    Michael Campbell

  2. Hi Thanks for getting back to me about Ivan Leather. The postage is indeed quite expensive, but I cannot understand why they never replied, or why you cant actually take an order to the payment stage on their website. Kind regards Michael
  3. Hi John I would love to see a higher resolution version of that plan. Thanks Michael
  4. Hi i have twice now, tried to place an order with Ivan Leather who I think are in China. twice I got an auto response of acknowledgement, and then nothing. There were no prices on the site, so I expected an email telling me the total cost of my order including postage to the UK, but I got nothing. I had created an account with them. Has anyone done successful business with them and can advise me? Thanks Michael
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