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  1. I want to make an old school hunting jacket or hunting. It's going to be a white tailed deer (hair-on hide turned inward for warmth). I grew up giving hides on occassion to friends that worked leather and we would heavily salt the hide so the hair wouldn't "slip" or come off. But beyond that, I don't know how to properly tan the hide. I assume it's not super difficult, but am clueless. Your expertise and help would be appreciated! Chris
  2. Good Lord, those are awesome. Glad to see another lad from Texas-by-Gawd!
  3. Wow....very cool tip. I love this forum.
  4. Completely understand. As the curve on the inside is lesser in lineal square inches due to the effect of the curve, one would have to either anticipate the lesser length of leather or (more wisely) glue the pieces together and then cut off the excess. I wonder though if one piece of 3-4 or 4-5 oz leather is kept in curved for long enough it will just stay curved?
  5. He says it's top grain with parts peeling off. Is it fake?
  6. Damnation. My wife bought some fancy Belgian beer, and daddy likes the Belgian beer....
  7. Is there plastic in there? Or does the leather just stayed curved after so long? My eyes aren't super great, but that seems to be one piece of 4-5oz maybe? I can't tell if there's 2 layers of thin stuff with some hidden plastic in there or not? I'm new and want to try to make this. Seems pretty straight forward but I thought I'd ask. chris
  8. I learned the hard way too brother! I now lay down cardboard and wear latex gloves.
  9. Thanks folks! I didn't know if they do something during the upholsterying of a chair that ruins it in some way. Like i said I'm new..... :-) TGIF amigos!
  10. We have a high quality top grain leather chair that we're about to replace. I am new to leather working and am always looking for some new material to work with. Anyone ever reused leather from an old chair? Anyone advise against this for some reason? thanks, chris
  11. I need a good buffalo leather supplier. Any recommendations?
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I found this youtube video on a leather toggle (aka button) that is what I think you're trying to accomplish!
  13. Goo advice all. Anyone know what this thing is? I've had several instances where I could've used one.
  14. How does Horween compare to those mentioned already? I just googled and their name came up.
  15. Oh my....I just saw on Hermann Oaks that they have a minimum order amount. As a serious hobbyist, I don't want to buy in bulk. At least not until I get much more experience after a few years.
  16. I looked at Hermann Oaks' site. Looks great. Is "drum dyed' the leather where they dye it for great lengths of time and it seems to be dyed all the way thru the hide?
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