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  1. Still available?
  2. Can I get pics of most of your tool inventory, very interested
  3. I’m interested, what all accessories do you have? When would it need to be picked up by?
  4. I tried to upload pics but it wouldn't let me for some reason
  5. I'm not a skilled saddle maker but I'm a bronc rider and I work on quite a few saddles. I've recently put new riggins in 2 brand new saddles (probably the most popular saddles being rode today). There are around 4 major brand saddles that guys ride these days and they all have pros and cons. The ones that ride the best seem to be the most fragile. They break in the bars either where the quarter binds screw in or from one of the nails from the ground seat. This saddle in the picture below is the first one I built. I built it for myself. It's a full fiberglass tree. The molds were made from the old Dahls that rode really good but usually wouldn't last a year. It's hollow through the swells and cantle due to the weight. It has to stay under 40lbs to fly or you get charged extra. I built a prototype tree first just to advance the little bit of fiberglass skills I have. It's a very time consuming process and I'm not sure if it's gonna be be worth it or if guys will be willing to pay what they would have to cost. The old Salisbury saddles were fiberglass trees and you hardly ever heard of one breaking.
  6. Has anyone ever attempted to make flange molds of the bars, swells and cantle of a tree and build it out of only fiberglass? I have the molds made but I don't have a lot of fiberglass experience. The swells and cantle have to be somewhat hollow. It's for a bronc saddle and we fly with our saddles quite a bit so the saddle can't weigh over 40lbs.
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