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  1. here is his direct email turnerlaserworks@gmail.com
  2. I get most of my hardware from the Buckle Guys and they work perfectly.
  3. If you are looking for a stamp to hammer in, I would see if www.stampsforleather.com can help. He makes his stamps out of really dense plastic and his stamps are super clean. Attached is a stamp he made me for a custom lawyer ID wallet. 1.5 x 1.5 stamp
  4. I have the red press with a bunch of the dies and I love it. I plan on getting a foot press one day for my higher quantity seasons (Fathers Day and Christmas) but for now, the hand tool has not let me down. I have the following dies and love using them all: Wide Double Cap Rivets Round Tube Punches Adapter 3/16" Eyelets 1/4" Eyelets Line 20 Snaps Line 24 Snaps Rapid & Double Cap Rivets Multipurpose Snaps for Segma Type Snaps
  5. So I bought a pretty cool heat press off of eBay. It was advertised as a Kingsley but after talking to the seller on the phone it came out that the press is actually a Gold-Magic Robotemp 315 and it comes with 5 sets of Kingsley letters and a huge tub of foil. I won it for only $100 and I'm driving up to Maine next week to pick it up. Even though I am a bit bummed it isn't a Kingley, for $100 I am not going to hold a grudge. Here are some photos of it that came off of the listing. It doesn't come with a manual since the seller got it for free off of a gentleman that used to work for the State of Maine. The original owner used the press for fancy invitations for state functions, and the seller I bought it off of used it to monogram leather guitar straps. I'm hoping someone here knows where I can find a manual for this machine or has any insight whatsoever. Thank you -Bear
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am in the market for a heated foil press but I am weary of buying antiques or presses from companies that are no longer around which will make getting replacement parts and customer service practically impossible. My budget is pretty limited (max $500) so nicer presses like kwikpress are out of my budget for now. I looked on eBay and found a lot of cheap budget presses but wasnt sure if they were worth their salt. I am a big believer of "Buy Nice and Buy Once" but if these budget presses are just as good as the more expensive presses, I won't mind buying one especially since I won't be foil pressing everything I make. If any of you have any experience with the budget foil presses, please let me know! Thank you -Bear
  7. Thank you! I'll call them tomorrow to see if it is still available.
  8. Hello fellow leather workers! I have recently graduated with my bachelors degree and used the money I saved up as well as some of my graduation money to purchase a Cobra Class 4 for my business! Now, I am thinking of getting a sewing machine for the lighter ounces of leather that I use. Mainly, the removable pigskin liners that I put inside my totes. I know that they will be way below the capabilities of the Cobra Class 4. I am looking for a smaller machine that is able to sew 2-6 ounces that is around $1000 or under (under would be preferred). Space is a factor so a smaller cylinder arm machine without a massive table would would be the best. Any recommendations would be awesome!! Thank you!
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