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  1. I have all my friends and family keep the plastic belt clips that come with commercial phone cases such as otter box then I cut the excess from around the parameter and drill holes for stitching to the back of the leather one I made now you have swivel clip that stays on the belt and is easy to put in or take off just my 2 cents
  2. All the above I’d like to see one done so I could and idea of how it should look
  3. Anyone ever tooled a bulldozer design on a wallet or similar item got request for one and not sure where to look for inspiration
  4. As stated in the title I recently read a post that stated they used a black acrylic paint to antique some carved lettering what I would like to know is how this is done if anyone knows how or uses this technique I’d appreciate it
  5. Hello everyone newbie here can anyone tell me what size awl and thread to use for a men's wallet bifold style to be specific I make my own tools so dimensions for the awl blade would be preferable thanks
  6. Hello everyone I'm new to the joys leather work and I was wondering if there any experienced or otherwise craftsman in my area
  7. Thanks for the pattern this should help out a lot with my fledgling leather work
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