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  1. Is anyone aware of a visual thread guide for machine stitching with different sizes of thread being used? I have the similar in terms of hand stitching but not machine. IT would be helpful to me in making a purchase. Here is the hand guide reference for any interested: http://blog.naver.com/PostThumbnailView.nhn?blogId=not_exist&logNo=80134864461&categoryNo=47&parentCategoryNo= Thanks in advance! Ben
  2. OK, I'll bite. Sausage? Mushroom? Breakfast? From turkey grease? What was her specialty?
  3. In my research when I when through this process, this is what I found. Nigel Armitage's burnisher / bench motor is 3000rpm.https://www.justwood.com/buy/leather-burnisher-with-motor-drum-sander_35.htm The Cobra MP Burnisher (sorry no link, for some reason my work blocks the Cobra site) is a 2000-3400 rpm variable speed bench grinder with a sander and burnisher. So..... I bought a burnisher spool from here: http://www.proedgeburnishers.com/burnisher-spools--sanding-drums.html And put it on an variable bench grinder motor from Lowes: https://www.lowes.com/pd/DELTA-Delta-6-in-Bench-Grinder/50150070 and sanding drums from Harbor Freight: https://www.harborfreight.com/4-piece-quick-change-sanding-drum-set-35455.html to make my own version. If I think of it I will post pictures later. Why variable speed? I have not only the ability to burnish at 3000rmp (or close to it) but sand at differing speeds depending on the aggressiveness that I desire. Plus I've used the grinding wheel one when I accidentally chipped one of my knives and I had to regrind it. In total all of this was about $150. If I was in Europe I would just order one of Nigel's setups though justwood https://www.justwood.com/buy/leather-burnisher-with-motor-drum-sander_35.htm . If I was wealthier, I would buy the Cobra. But I am an idiot so I tried to do it myself. And for some reason, it turned out ok this time
  4. First, thanks to everyone, particularly the older statespeople in the forum. I think I have read most every post on the website but rarely offer comments as others, more knowledgeable than me, provide answers far better than I ever could. I began, like many of us, hand-stiching items and playing around a bit. I find myself, like all those before me, wanting to buy a machine for as fun as hand-stiching is, hand-stiching bags is not the most fun that I have ever had. In my research, I cannot get a good feel for the answers to the following: How reliable exactly are these machines? I understand the need for preventive maintenance and how to take care of equipment in general, but are they that finicky once they are up and rolling? Essentially, I have 3 choices - 1) buy a new machine from Techsew, Toledo, or other sponsored place, 2) Buy a new machine from China and set it up myself (again I am a total newbie, this is not really an option in my mind for the first machine), or 3) buy used. My thought is to buy new from a sponsor as I think these machines are fairly reliable with proper maintenance and I need the phone support when I inevitably need it. However, I have recently discovered a few places around me that indicate that they could work on these type of machines (I am outside of Orlando Florida in Deland), lessening my initial reluctance. However it brings me back to my original questions - how much effort does a machine take to keep up and running? If I have to take the machine into the shop (hour away) every time something comes up, I am uncertain that I want to deal with the headache. However, if I can do much of the work myself (I sit in front of a computer for a living though I understand machines to a degree) the the calculus changes. TL/DR: I live in the middle of nowhere in terms of leather sewing machines. Would you be scared to have all of your support be reliant on a phone call? is my logic sound? Thanks! Next time I post it will have information not questions Ben
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