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  1. Found a use for my scraps and made a black powder possibles bag. Was kind of strange for me not to carve every single piece Added a waxed canvas liner and tried to stay true to an early 1800s style
  2. The thread is tandy white waxed three for hand sewing. Dunno how to describe it. It thick and flat. Then I hammered it down
  3. The slotted concho braid that looks like tassels. I believe it's actually called a bleed knot but I can't force myself to call it that Hahahaha it's definitely handy. A little scrap leather and no more finding needles in the carpet the hard way
  4. lol I sincerely started in August. I still have time stamped pics to prove it
  5. Thank you. I've been on a blood knot kick lately so I decided to throw a couple in. They look better with it on. The holster is carved and dyed just waiting for assembly when I get more thread
  6. Thank you. This one took me about two weeks to do although I didn't work on it every chance I had. About 10 hours of carving
  7. Finally finished it up except for the little bit of stitch on the buckle end. I ran out of white thread
  8. I followed the tutorial on this site and measured it specific to the gun
  9. Wooo!!! I like that a lot! I may have to a lighter or maybe a can of pepper spray for my ol lady hmmmmm. And thank you for the feedback as well that's the first pattern I've ever posted
  10. It's the whole angled thing that has me messed up. These things are heavy. How and why does it stay at an angle!
  11. Thank you so much for this! Walked me right through my first one!
  12. Hahahaha but I only have one gun!! Although I do think I need the sheriff version with the shorter barrel to learn how to make a cross draw
  13. These are dan posts, the good old plain black base model. The dragonfly is one of the 3D stamps
  14. Saddle tan antique then airbrush faded show brown. Then paint black background and black border with a paintbrush then resolene
  15. for those asking for the pattern here it is sorry it took me so long! just print on normal copy paper posted posted
  16. Huge thank you to the excellent PDF on holster building on this site!!! Made my first holster for my new toy. About 8 hours total. Still need to add the hammer loop
  17. Studied online for a while then drew up a pattern and went for it. 9oz with sheepskin liner. I don't normally actually wear spurs so made a strap to take their place. Oh and a needle holder so I quit losing them then finding them later with my foot
  18. Hmmmmm time to do some research! I've already been asked to do 3 more
  19. The black ones are very very hard, the brown ones not so much. I'm not sure exactly why that is though. Remember ima FNG so things like hardening? First I've heard of it
  20. More ornate version I did yesterday. First set was a hit. No pun intended
  21. Something like that I suppose. Prob better if I don't know
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