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  1. Levins7

    Will elephant leather burnish?

    First, I don't have any scrap. I bought the exact size I needed as a test for making a wallet with it. Second, it is veg tan. I'll give it a try and see what happens.
  2. Hi all, I just finished making a wallet with an elephant outer piece. Before I start rubbing on it, will elephant edges burnish? Thanks, JC
  3. Levins7

    Baseball Cores

    They are not, but as long as they are regulation size the template will work. I am re-covering them with words, names, tooling, dyeing, etc. to be a keepsake or trophy, not for real use. So the core materials are a little irrelevant.
  4. Levins7

    Baseball Cores

    Does anybody know where I can find baseball cores? I can't find anything on the web. I could always just buy cheap baseballs and re-cover them, but I figured cores would be cheaper. Thanks, JC
  5. Levins7

    I need inspiration

    I don't have any pictures of mine, but I attached a screenshot of the listing I bought it from a few months ago. A dopp kit would be pretty easy. I don't think it would be think enough for a tote.
  6. I am having a creative block. I have a half calf hide of chrome tan and don't know what to do with it. It is about 2.5oz thick. Any suggestions on potential projects?
  7. Levins7


    Just a random image on Google, but it would be a definite challenge for me with my minimal carving skills
  8. Is there a specific finish out there that can protect belts from sweat damage? I have made a belt for personal use and used Fiebing's Snow Proof with the idea that it would repel sweat along with water. I would like to use the best protective finish available on future belts as I have a few people interested in purchasing them. Thanks, JC
  9. I will take the 1/2" letter and number set. Will send a PM with Paypal info and shipping address. JC
  10. Levins7

    Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    I would be interested in any length. I have a few products that I use diamondback for and I don't currently have a steady supply.
  11. Levins7

    Westren Diamondback rattlesnake skin for inlays

    Add some pictures of examples. What method are you using to tan the skins?
  12. Levins7

    Alligator Belts

    Hey all, Any tips for making alligator hide belts? A coworker has an alligator hide he would like me to use to make him a belt. I have yet to see the hide, but he says it's pretty thick. Thanks, JC
  13. Levins7

    Cougar carving & embossing

    It looks amazing to me!
  14. Levins7


    Here is a template, instructions, and video tutorial I have used in the past. Skiving the bottom of the T-slot helps a lot with tightness in my experience. http://makesupply-leather.com/templates/make-a-leather-bi-fold-wallet-free-pdf-template-build-along-tutorial/
  15. Levins7

    Looking for a round knife

    I just made a deal with a member for a Henry Sauerbier round knife. So I am pretty satisfied! Thanks to all for the responses.