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    Yes it does Tug! Thanks guys! I'll get those tools instead of just randomly punching holes. I have something where my hand shakes a little so I think I'll try out chisels like Rocko suggested!
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    Got it! Thanks! Here are some belts I made. I need to get a lot better at cutting the leather and making the holes to sew. Don't laugh too hard lol
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    Thanks everyone! Haha Rocky OK! Like Battlemunkey said... Ive got to figure out how to post pictures. It keeps saying one photo is too big from my phone library and the camera option takes a photo then says it's also to large haha.
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    Hi everyone! I am brand new to leather crafting and started it as a hobby to do after work. I really enjoy doing it! Something about it is very therapeutic for me. I don't have pictures and the stuff I've made is pretty bad compared to you guys and gals anyways haha. Just a couple of belts, keychains, and phone cases. I love learning about leather and the art of crafting. I am glad this website exists so beginners can have a place to come and learn and don't have to rely on YouTube videos.
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