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  1. Ialreayd have Juki TSC-441, an might need anther sttching machine for making knife sheaths, anybody has experience with below manual leather sewing machine machine on youtube? https://youtu.be/TGSqsUV1Abk
  2. Thanks CowBoy, I checked your website, you are American company or Chinese company? The quality is ok?
  3. Thanks Mark, I see the feed dog and presser foot are different from my Juki TSC-441. Thanks Uwe, appreciate for your professional reply, really help me a lot. I will buy one for try......
  4. Hi Guys, I have handmade leather goods business in Japan. I run my Juki TSC-441 leather sewing machine for over 8 years, it is great machine! The only problem of this sewing machine is the marks on underside leather by the feed dog. Recently more and more orders of vegetable tanned leather bags that cannot accept the teeth marks. Is there anybody can help me?? Thanks in advance!! I found a hand crank leather stitching machine on youtube (https://youtu.be/TGSqsUV1Abk), seems no feed dog, can avoid mark on leather? Anybody has experience with this machine? ,
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