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  1. I wondered what happened to your patterns. I was going to get the shield pattern and mag pouch, since that is what I got my wife for Xmas, but they are all gone. Also I sent you some pics of the 1911 dual mag pouch you posted for me. I made one dual and one single mag/flashlight pouch. The Dual 1911 pouch is in use by our county's Prosecutor investigator. I got brave and made my own holster pattern, although I did incorporate your sweat guard design. Also did 2 mag pouches as well. Did you get those pics? John
  2. Does anyone happen to have a pattern for the original style of Yaqui Slide that Col. Cooper used? I've looked everywhere and they have all been modded so much they don't look anything like what Jeff or Jim Wilson wore. Thanks!
  3. That's great! scoutmom 103. I'll hit it tomorrow. Sounds like a hidden gem.
  4. Actually I am pretty much ambidextrous. My wife and another friend if mine are lefties. I really prefer carrying the 1911 over the Glock, but I carried a Glock for several years after we transitioned to the G22 from the Sig P220 at the department. Since I was the T.O/F.I., I usually still carried my 1911 when I was out and about and not in uniform. I have 2 pairs of cuffs with sentimental value, so I completely understand. One was my dad's and the second was a long story, but I'll keep both of them forever. Scoutmom 103- I have not been there. Where's it at? My wife and I are going to stay a couple of days in Indy this week. Leaving tomorrow to see our youngest aon, who lives up there, where is it at? Always looking for someplace new to go spend money at. Lol.
  5. That's a great design! I have had 2 requests for these. This is what I envisioned, but couldn't get it on paper. I have had nothing but compliments on your mag pouches. I too at a 36 inch waist find it difficult. I usually wear the pouch and have another mag or two close at hand in the car or on the bike. My brother wants a G 19 mag/ flashlight combo. What do you think? I think way too bulky. I have only been doing this about a year, so I am learning. Hoping to learn some tooling over the winter if it is slow. Do you have a Facebook page? I can send you my bikini handcuff case if you like. It was a pain to sew up, but it turned out all right. John here btw..
  6. Jls I love your designs. It is what started me. I guess I am enamored with your reinforcement panels and the way your holsters flow. So far I am just doing stuff for friends. Your 1911 pancake design is unbeatable. I retired my Askins Avenger that I wore for years after making your pancake. Question? Do you have a double stack double mag pouch plan? The Bersa was designed that way , so it could be carried on a belt or in a purse. My friend wanted it that way. It is very secure though.
  7. My name is John and I am an airplane-a-holic....Oops sorry wrong group. LOL Anyway I am a retired Deputy Sheriff and media person and have always wanted to learn this craft. While I was on the Sheriff department I was the Training Officer, Reserve Liaison Officer, Public Information Officer and SWAT member. The joys of administrative work in a small department, you wear too many hats! I also am a Private Pilot and have been since I was 17. I enjoy flying because it is a great way to relax and forget about the world and also move about in 4 dimensions. I usually can be caught flying a Grumman Tiger although I flown several birds up to an AT-6 Texan my dad owned when I was a young adult. I have a Goldwing Trike and my wife and I ride all over the US on it with two other couples. We have all been riding together since 2004 and we meet every Friday night and plan the next year's vacation and dream. This year (2018) we rode to Gettysburg.. if you are bored and want to see the trip report, it is located here: http://goldwing.eurekaboy.com/gettysburg/gettysburg1.htm Anyway I have enjoyed looking around the site here and look forward to meeting some qof you members. I have attached my latest project pictures. This project was done for my 24 year old son who is just beginning his career in law enforcement with Indiana University Health AHU Police. I made him some off-duty gear. I have attached a link to all of my projects if you wish to look and critique: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WAJmBJ1wNVOdoeQs2
  8. Condition One. I am an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Certified F/A Instructor and have been for almost 20 years. The only positive way to carry a 1911 style pistol. Training is the key. Gunsite is a good place to go for that training. Education and Constant Practice and you will never have a problem.
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