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  1. Devo


    Thank you.
  2. Devo


    Thanks to everyone. You’ve been tremendous help.
  3. Devo

    Which machine?

    Sorry to be so late in responding. I bought the Pfaff. 481. Great machine. Might do everything I want. Time will tell. Thanks
  4. Devo


    Love this idea. Thank you.
  5. Devo


    I’m making bags and need grommets about 1” inside diameter. Haven’t had any luck finding press to cut the holes and dies that large. I can hammer grommets but How do you do you cut the hole neatly?
  6. Devo


    Hope you can help me. I bought this jacket a goodwill for my grandson. It is in great shape and he wants a hood on it. It used to have one as the snaps are in place for it I’ve looked and looked for snaps to fit these with no luck. I fear regular snaps won’t fit as these look bigger. The diameter is almost 1/4”, about 6/10th of a centimeter. Tried to post pics but they are too big. Any help much appreciated.
  7. I found this at local goodwill for $8. Was sure I could restore the leather but after one treatment with leather restoration cream it doesn’t look much better. And it has wrinkles I’m not sure how to get out. Would appreciate your advise.
  8. Looking at Zoje zig 2628-1 cylinder, can’t find any info on it so going to pass unless someone can tell they are great machines. Second choice is a Pfaff 481 compound Third is Pfaff 463 And last is Tacsew T111-555 At the moment I’m condidering the Pfaff 481 as best choice. Thank you