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  1. I appreciate the advise. That is exactly what I’ve been doing with no success.
  2. Thank you for your observations. There are no service manuals for this exact machine. I was able to get all that existed from a company in U.K. and a few folks helping me. Thank you.
  3. When I get the feed dog side gaps corrected between needle plate, tighten top screws (green) to hold position. (Had to move shaft/bar to the left to correct) Then loosen screws (yellow) to adjust the feed dog moving front to back evenly. (Had to move the hinge unit to the right), it reverses the gap fixed by moving bar to the left to fix needle plate gap. I tried putting shim between the edge of shaft/bar and foot (right red arrow) and completely freeing the left bolt (left red arrow) but still no success. Although instructions indicate there is no connection between the two corrections (side gap versus front to back), I’m now wondering if there is. I.e., I should be able to set them independent of each other. Also wondering if I should be moving hinges differently Any suggestions appreciated. (Using instructions for 1245 as no service Manual for 145).
  4. I’ve looked for a week now for blow out diagrams and service manual. There is so much crap out there, searching isn’t what it used to be. I will search this forum. Good idea.
  5. 1. Recommendations for grease to repack gear boxes 2. Where to find parts blow out diagram 3. Where to find service manual 4. Picture of correct take up tension spring and where it goes thank you
  6. I’m not exactly sure yet. Something that will allow for the highest lift. Devo
  7. Just bought this machine. It has been fairly used but sews nicely, bit loose on bobbin thread. Definitely needs deep clean and oil. Hoping that all. But I do need to switch out pressure foot. The existing one doesn’t allow it to raise high enough for me. I ordered new one on eBay. Are there any any changes I will need to make to accommodate it other than change amount of pressure on the foot? Thank you
  8. Devo


    Thanks to everyone. You’ve been tremendous help.
  9. Sorry to be so late in responding. I bought the Pfaff. 481. Great machine. Might do everything I want. Time will tell. Thanks
  10. Devo


    Love this idea. Thank you.
  11. Devo


    I’m making bags and need grommets about 1” inside diameter. Haven’t had any luck finding press to cut the holes and dies that large. I can hammer grommets but How do you do you cut the hole neatly?
  12. Devo


    Hope you can help me. I bought this jacket a goodwill for my grandson. It is in great shape and he wants a hood on it. It used to have one as the snaps are in place for it I’ve looked and looked for snaps to fit these with no luck. I fear regular snaps won’t fit as these look bigger. The diameter is almost 1/4”, about 6/10th of a centimeter. Tried to post pics but they are too big. Any help much appreciated.
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