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  1. We have the same machine and definitely had the same problem - to the point where we stopped using it on any leather that was expensive or important. Wrecked A LOT of things we don't even want to talk about. We finally just decided to blunder through and figure it out by making every finite adjustment the machine has available until it stopped doing that. We found the angle of the stone to be our biggest culprit. I also heavily second the sharpen/deburr advice above. If you want to take some pics from the left side of the machine (where you can see the blade/stone/everything) - use a light - you should be able to see if stone angle is part of the issue. If you're skivving really thick...do it in more than one go.
  2. I do like those...think we'll hold off though. Can't quite see needing the quantity or variety atm. Thanks!!
  3. We really are leaning that way too. We have a website, facebook and Etsy (which is close enough to free). Driving people to those outlets was our thought process on whether or not the online 'push' via this virtual show would take the place of doing a different physical show. Feeling a lot like it might be very 6 of one, half dozen of the other
  4. Need help or at least a plethora of opinions. A HUGE arts/crafts festival we paid for months ago has decided to change to a VIRTUAL ONLY format for their late July date. We have the option to either receive a full refund or use what we've paid toward the virtual format. Here are our issues - it was fairly expensive for what we usually pay (almost $500); we sell high end bags (ranging from $45 for a crossbody to $285 for a larger tote-type bag); we feel that MANY other festivals/fairs will be available if we do decide to cancel. We are VERY concerned that the virtual format is not for us in anyway. People (in our experience) tend to buy waaay more if they can smell/touch and hold our products. On the flip side...it would be more online/social media exposure than we can ever generate on our own without paying considerably more than the booth fee. It is possible it could be enough exposure to really get us out there online...which we'd just plain love. We'd love to hear ANY thoughts! (Even the bad ones ). Thanks!
  5. I did think there was a lot of...fluff...on their site. Also agree that the equipment is ~imperfect. We don't make belts - only need the keepers for purse straps and love the blocked loop look. I put some in the minimal tack I make for personal use (mostly because I like to play at making it). Definitely be interested in seeing the set you might sell @Ken Nelson.
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing the homemade setup. We don't need to do this many at once but doing them individually is fairly inefficient. I usually do them by hand...
  7. Not sure if anyone has seen this tool on the Arizona Belt Company page - wondering if anyone has one or would know where to get one?
  8. Seriously good advice from previous posters. I'll add my 'horsey person' two cents (for what it's worth). If you have a (not judging!) middle-aged, East Coast female wanting to purchase custom driving harness (in whole or parts) I can almost promise you she has seen every scrap of harness from here to England and liked yours the best. You know how horse people are with tack. If they love it enough, they'll pay for it. Last set of harness I worked with was oil-dyed, Amish made mule harness (large, draft size). Weighed a ton and you could not tear it up (trust me, the mules tried).
  9. Would love to know more on this - we REALLY want to be able to just put initials/logos/monograms/etc. The sheer volume of letters, setups and info is staggering.
  10. Not sure if you'd still like to know this...made one of these not too long ago - still have to mould the ear loop a bit to get it to lay flat. Worked it by hand for a bit (while damp) and it lays flat just fine. Did have to toss a few initial attempts - if not long enough...not sure it'll ever lay flat.
  11. In the beginning [research to death] stages of trying to figure out the most [cost effective] efficient way to monogram/burn/stamp purses, coasters, wine bags. REALLY don’t want to spend tons on multiple letter sets, trays, etc. Both shop staff are female and shop is in a basement...so...nothing that needs to be moved with a forklift or takes up space like a fridge. Laser is the front runner right now [probably] simply because of cost and flexibility of usage. We are honestly open to any suggestions though...it’s more than a little overwhelming.
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