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  1. Sorry to those who replied on this. Things got hectic and I lost track of things. At this point everything is still avail, minus the machinist box. I am asking $400 (sh incl) for the lot. I prefer to sell it whole if at all possible, or in amounts that will make it worth the time and effort to ship. Make an offer if there is something you are interested in. Shipping not included on smaller orders. I need to get this moved ASAP. I can be directly emailed @ g.binns73 (at) gmail dot com
  2. Punch List A 104 (3) B 892 204 198 701 202-R 935 200 201 C 73660 431 429 D 435 F 896 902 895 899 891 915 898 890 G 453 (Japan) 614 431 I 584 (stitch punch) L 951 950 M 880 P 210 233 214 206 (2) 714 209 206 704 S 347 705 (2) 724 (2) 628 U 710 (2) 850 V 707 (2) 406 (2) 407 (2) 707-1 413 746 748 W 522 554 Y 649 Without letter designation 59 311 57 105 101 Stamp Shafts 2428 8200-01 (2) One with ball retainer Stitch Related 16 sb I1584 8048 16-6 (wheeled punch marker) stitching punch w/2 tubes (#3236) Stitching horse Hole Punches 7/16 (2) ½ (2) 3/8 (2) 1/8 (2) 5/16 (2) ¼ 3/37 Small and medium belt buckle tongue punches 3 Swivel knives 2 with blades Wooden strap cutter with 4 new blades Hand Sewing manual by Al Stohlman Leatherwork Manual by Al Stohlman 2 Partial rolls of armor grade leather Machineist took box
  3. Prefer the whole thing sold together but can peice if shipping is covered by buyer. My last estimation of the total cost of my kit was close to $1500 to $2000 I have stamps, new older and some no longer made, multipule swivel knives, rawhide mallets, rotary and stitching punches, edgers, wood strap cutter with replacement blades, stiching hourse, manuals and the like. the majority of the tools are kept in an old style machineist's tool box. Will be providing pictures of what I have in the next few days. Feel free to ask questions in the mean time.
  4. The Zack White banner loads zackwhite.com and this does not bring up their sight. You need to add www. to the url for it to get to the sight. Name: Greg UserName: MaddCelt IP Address: Email Address: skallatorc@gmail.com
  5. Dusting off the tools and skills

  6. Actually this isn't the beginning so to speak, just me dusting off the equipment and tools. As I do not have a good location for a shop, I had to drag a desk into the bedroom to use. Still working on getting everything straightened out so I can start practicing again. Spending today downloading youtube videos on related topics. I would love to get signed up for Tandy classes but I could not afford taking weekly trips to Louisville for the classes, so videos will have to do.
  7. Thank you for posting this. I checked out the company and found one thing I had been looking for and another that I am in need of!
  8. This is one of the reasons a friend of mine stopped making leather items to sell. He would watch people buy cheap made items that weren't anything close to the quality he did. As he put it, he cannot compete with India, so he stopped.
  9. I bought the necklance from a local new age shop and had put it away after I broke the necklace. While hunting down a clasp I came across it again and thought it would make a great latch and honor Thunor as well.
  10. I was recently given a set of patterns for sporrans and I tried my hand at making one. Here is the results.
  11. I have heard of armies covering their spear tips with cloth to prevent reflection. I have read of the Irish doing that when buring their king. But aside from that I do not think there was an actual sheath for spears. I used it as an excuse to tool. I noticed the artwork on a magazine edge, so I adapted it wit a Thors Hammer on the bottom
  12. I haven't popped the top on it yet but it sounds like it might be thinned already. It came from the batch of equipment that had been well used, (had a good # of discontinued stamps) so it might have been thinned already. I'll eventually get down to the local Tandy and get the in vouge finishes but I have to make due with what I have on hand. Check out kiltsrock.com. Likely you will find people in the areas you do your shows to talk with. You can also advertise for free there if your looking for advertisement or to expand your customer base.
  13. Yea, unfortunetly I don't have one handy. I had thought of using a sticking punch but not until I started on the hole punching.
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