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  1. Is there any way to do a butt stitch on a machine, or any specialized machine that does a butt stitch?
  2. If it's still available, I'd love to take it for 1800. I live in Florida. Let me know and I can be there in a couple hours.
  3. I've been lurking for a month or two now, and have had the realization that buying a sewing machine for leather is... complicated. Right now I hand stitch wallets, bags, backpacks, purses. I am just a hobbyist and make them for friends and family. I might eventually sell on etsy or something once I get good enough. When it comes to machines, I am a complete beginner. I've been using mostly 7-9oz leather and carriage hand sewing thread and size 0 medium harness needles. I'm planning to continue working at more or less that thickness of leather, and am looking for a machine that can do between 2 and 4 layers-- so, I think that is probably up to about 1/2". I'm not particularly attached to the thread size or needle size, that is just what I happen to be using at the moment. I've been looking at a couple machines in my area on Craigslist, and the options seem to be a Juki DNU 1541S, an Adler 67 GK373, a Techsew 2700, a Consew 226R1, a Juki 1541S, or a Singer 111W155. Do any of these look like they would do what I'm looking for? Do any seem like a good deal? In absence of a yes to any of the above, does anyone know of a good sewing machine shop, or a dealer that knows things about leather, within reasonable distance of the Gainesville FL area?
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