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  1. 1willi4

    Which needles for hand stitching

    Thanks again for everyone’s response. It looks like I’ll be returning the Osborne needles and getting the John James ones.
  2. 1willi4

    Which needles for hand stitching

    Wow! I think I’ll return these and get some John James. Thanks for your input.
  3. I’ve read that size 4 and size 5 harness needles are the most common needles to use for saddle stitching. I ordered some CS Osborne # 517-4 and 517-5. Did I get the wrong needles? What should I have gotten?
  4. 1willi4

    Which rivet / snap press to get

    Thank-you for all your help!!
  5. It seems like most leather supplier has their own rivet and snap press. Whose or which press do you recommend?