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  1. I am not sure if the tabletop itself is damaged, it only has some slight separation on the inner curves (where the middle opening is): Second image, the styrofoam seems to have protected the stuff on top of the table. At this point I believe the main damage is to the steel parts.
  2. Okay good to know.Some quick photos of other parts with minor bends which I assume are not supposed to be there. The top pieces that attach to the table top do have some lateral give so perhaps this is contributing to the instability. I took off the very bent leg which is not pictured here:
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions & info. I have a class most of today so I probably won't have time till tomorrow to see if I can't figure out the rocking problem. I am located in California and I believe they shipped from Canada. I understand the pains of running a company and we all have off days. Unfortunately I am a new-comer to this field and I know very little about machines or their tables so I can't just fix it on my own or know if it's so bad it should all just be returned. Will post more info as I am able to figure it out. Thanks again
  4. I took the really bad leg off. I've managed to barely adjust it enough to probably put on the little feet and have it stand up more or less. I think it would work like this and do fine. I'm more concerned about the lateral rocking of the table which I think is unrelated. Do all your machines Techsew tables rock side to side (along the long axis of the table)?
  5. Sadly this is not the only damage, the table rocks from side to side so I will need at least two legs and perhaps a cross bar. I spoke to them on the phone multiple times about the logistics and what I should do when UPS showed up. They never mentioned this. I was very much trying to do my best to received this package without damaging it. I double checked with them on the weight of each item and how UPS would deliver it, what I should expect, etc. Nothing about this "we can't do anything once you sign" was communicated when speaking to them. I wish I had seen that website before. They did give me incorrect information that contradicted UPS multiple times but I understand we are all human and make mistakes. I understand your point about not letting it get to me. I paid for the upgrades and everything so if I am lucky nothing big is damaged. Still seems like its going to cost me an extra $80-120 just in damaged parts so far (assuming 3 new ones are needed at 40 each)
  6. Hi all, reporting back. I started inspecting the table more thoroughly. The other side is also damaged. The leg is slightly bent where the "cross bar" connects, but hard to notice this unless I am really looking. It does feel extremely unstable and is not square at all. Techsew said UPS often damages the table legs but not the machine itself. It was packed on one pallet, with some sort of plastic tape wrapping and a sign that basically says "Dont put anything on top of this". The machine itself was in a box, still have to unbox it. I am a little more disappointed it won't just be one part. It would have been very hard to notice this on a quick inspection, especially when the delivery is done on a busy street and the driver wanted to just leave the package on the side of the street (I asked him to please put it on the sidewalk which he did). I am starting to regret ordering from Techsew at this point. I wish they would just send me a replacement that was well packed even if it wasn't assembled.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. Just to clarify, Techsew did offer to file the claim for hidden damage but they stated it was up to ups to decide if they would cover it since I did not notice this when I signed. UPS would need to do some type of investigation and likely show up and verify the damage. I get UPS can be difficult to deal with sometimes, from both ends. I asked, if UPS was to deny, would Techsew cover it? They said it would be up to the buyer (aka me) to pay for the part and shipping. I was relived to find out it was only $40. As you guys pointed out, this does worry me a bit if anything else was to fail or not work out of the box. I am not sure what the cost would be. Hopefully they will stand behind their product and this is just a very minor inconvenience and others have had no problems with them when their machines fail. Overall, I am a little bit surprised at their policies but ultimately I just want to have this machine running. Ideally the replacement part would already be on its way regardless of what UPS decides. I am just used to Amazon, etc.
  8. Hi guys, Just ordered a techsew 2600 on your recommendation. I didnt notice one of the legs had been damaged pretty bad so I didnt note it when the ups delivered it since it went under the pallete. Hopefully this is the only damage but I will do a thorough inspection in the upcoming days. Any tips? Called techsew and they wont cover the cost. It is only $40 for a new one but still a shame I didnt notice it on delivery. Hopefully ups decides to cover this. My thought is to just pay for a replacement while a claim for concealed damage is filed. Or do you guys think I should try to bend it back? Add a wood support? The table feels wobbly as is so I am thinking of just paying the $40 and waiting for my new part. Havent really worked with steel before. Thanks all, excited to get this running
  9. Hi, I am trying to research the Regad electric creaser and it's competitors. Anyone know what temperature range the Regad machines can achieve and in what increments? I am wondering what range I'll need from vegetable tanned , chrome, etc. None of the sites that sell it list this and I can't find the manual online. Thank you
  10. Not sure if I should worry at all but I want to start doing more stamping and I wonder if the noise level is enough to wear anything?
  11. I am not sure I understand the difference between the Techsew 2600 and Phaff 335 (maybe the 0.55 inches vs 3/8) and their pros and cons so that probably means I need to research a lot more. I am currently looking at the 2700, 2750 techsew too. I assume the 2600 is recommended for a narrower cylinder
  12. The crusts? They are just white and I'm not sure what kind of tanning they went through. One is an ostritch leg I got from springfield: https://www.springfieldleather.com/Ostrich-Leg-Crust
  13. Thanks for all the great info. Non glazed just crusts.
  14. Great good to know. I dont need it to be whisper quiet but wanted to double check
  15. Also curuous how loud a Techsew 2600 gets. I have no experience with these industrial machines but I assumed they would be pretty quiet and not likely a problem for the neighbors?
  16. I am looking and the basic configuration is about 2k, I assume I would want the speed reducer too? All the upgrades seem to make it go for about 2.5k That seems to include a bit more but not sure if that's what you would recommend (the table adapter seems interesting to make it flat I believe)
  17. This is awesome. I will need to read the entire thread. Originally I was dead set on a k40 co2 laser but the chinese ones have a few safety concerns that I am still researching. I have an ender 3 and its a great little machine for the price. My next small purchase will likely be a low power laser. I am mainly interested in engraving How well can these diode lasers engrave? Can it do gradients? Does it do it truly or with dithering? Do you have recommendations for which one to get, they seem to range up to 10watts and cost a few hundred dollars. I plan to cut by hand so for now I think the diode lasers should fit my needs.
  18. Good to know. Do Juki usually doesnt provide a warranty themselves? Dealers would be who I would go to? For assembly, is that something that can be done in a few hours or is it pretty complicated?
  19. https://www.goldstartool.com/ Per my other post, looking up machines. Might end up going new. I am wondering what I need to look for when buying a new machine? Is there a list of official suppiers of say Juki and Techsew machines? Would I need to buy from an official place to get a warranty? Thanks
  20. I see, that seems to cover most of the things I care about right now. Thanks.
  21. Got it thanks guys. @RockyAussie what would the 2600 machine allow me to do besides bags? Shoes? Wallets? Maybe I should wait and get a $2-3k machine if it means I will have a wider range.
  22. I see, what is this manual machine good for? Making shoes? Or mainly repairing them?
  23. I see. So what's the difference? Will they just produce an ugly stitch? Take too much work? I am seeing a Singer 29k also mentioned which seems to go for quite a bit more.
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