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  1. Hey y'all, my name is Brian, owner of Upstate Handmade. Thanks for accepting me to this channel. I want to show off some of my work but my photos are to big. Please findme on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/upstatehandmade/ Would love to hear what y'all think!! Thank you all
  2. Find me on Instagram: @upstatehandmade Or www.upstatehandmade.com Leather Guitar Strap This is a handmade leather guitar strap. Hand stitched with Vinymo Thread. Made with Italian Badalassi Carlo leather and Pendleton wool. This strap is made to order which means you can customize any part of this strap to your desired style and color. There are 3 different sizes on the standard 46in strap, which makes adjusting to different body types quick and easy. The guitar strap photographed here is for a guitars with two pins on each side of the guitar. If your guitar requires you to tie a loop around the neck, that option is available to you as well. This product is 43in - 54in in length and 2in in width (size is customizable)
  3. The Miibo Wallet "For the minimalist with a lot to carry" Please follow me on instagram @upstatehandmade or find something you like on my website with over 20 different custom creations. http://www.upstatehandmade.com
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