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  1. Is it possible just to buy the one without motor? I could not afford shipping to South Georgia for the table and motor.
  2. I am selling the straps for 3.90 a foot, a 5 foot strap would be 19.50 plus shipping. The straps I have are also black edged.
  3. Are these still availible?
  4. For some reason I can not upload pics, I will keep trying
  5. I am in South Georgia near Tallahassee, FL
  6. American leather splitter for sale, I have 2 and this needs to go. Works fine, leather split during picture taking. $550 plus shipping or pickup near Tallahassee, FL
  7. Hermann Oak British Brown belt straps, need to sell, Very nice sheen, Not the color I use, - 1.5 inch width black edge belt straps, 10-12 oz., 3.90/ft. 1.25 inch width black edge belt sraps, 10-12 oz., 3.50/ft. Straps up to 9 feet, shipping via priority mail actual cost.
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