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  1. Contact Lui, he has classes and apprentice, good guy and talented, lots of cool stuff in his shop including vintage tools. Lui Rayon Daddy's Leather Supply 7495 NW 7th. Street unit 9 Miami , Fl. 33126 305-260-4532
  2. I cut the welt for the width of the loop inlay, skive the loop leather so it is as thick as the welt, then glue it in, as I do with the welt then stitch it up. Seems like the way to do it but I couldn't tell you for sure. It works for me.
  3. Among some of the materials already mentioned, I use the plastic that comes in bacon packages and the cardboard that 12 packs of canned soft drinks come in. I don't like or use corrugated cardboard.
  4. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I made up a bunch of ukulele straps for a Uke Festival I played at yesterday, it kept me busy for a day or so. Thanks, yes it is left handed, one of the reasons I do leather work to make my own left handed stuff. The pick holders are really simple to make, I use a large belt strap end cutter, I strike the leather twice to make the football shape then cut one in half to make the front pocket. I've made hundreds of these things and thinking about having a clicker die made up.
  5. Just a logo, no advertising of my name or "Barclay Customs" the image is actually me. I know it's kind of goofy but that's what it is. Same image I use on my guitar picks.
  6. This would be a good opportunity to practice your pattern making, this is a relatively easy project. I've made a few dozen bags for bikes along the same lines including a larger one for just keeping my Rendezvous stuff in. Pretty much the same thing. I didn't make a pattern just drew it out on graph paper 1/4" to the inch to get the ball park proportions then cut it out and assembled.
  7. I didn't see it, but today is my first day back in a few years I picked up a NAA "The Earl" and made a holster folloing the traditional 1858 lines of it.
  8. Well, I haven't been around much, like the scatterbrain I am, I go from one project to another. I guess I was so glad to stop doing the custom motorcycle seats that I've only been doing utilitarian leather work. Just making stuff I need or a little custom stuff for friends. I figured I would just respond to this thread I started quite a while ago. I did a few more of the rawhide sheaths and started making knifes again. I'll post a few, I did make sheaths for each of them. This one I kind of got carried away with, adding gator scutes and bling. These are a few of the knives I've made, the first two are made by stock removal out of D-2 tool steel then professionally heat treated. This is the sheath I made for it. This is the biggest of the four D-2 knives 10 3/4" overall length with a 5 1/2" blade. both of these knives are hilted with Black Cherry Burl. And it's sheath. This is the last one I'll show and the only one I managed to keep for myself. The handle is made from stacked leather disks, below it is a fire starting ferro rod I also added stacked leather to. This blade is made by Enzo and is 01 tool steel. Thanks for looking, I'm playing at a ukulele festival tomorrow and spending the day making up ukulele straps Ya'all have a good weekend.
  9. Thanks, I didn't know rawhide needed processing, other than de-hairing and scrapping. I’ll have to check out the process.
  10. Yeah, you notice how smooth Paul's beveling is, he doesn't draw it out but man is it smooth. I talked with a bunch of shops but down here in Miami they were clueless on how much time it took, they wanted to pay me $200.00 for a tooled seat along with padding the pan. Then give me attitude about my prices. I got tired of the haggling but I still do it for my buddies. You ever notice how these guys would put together a beautiful bike then hand you the lamest un-symmetrical seat pan. Man, I had some work on my hands trying to make a symmetrical pattern line up with the seat and the bike. I had to buy and grinder to even up a few of these pans, like I need an excuse to by a power tool Again your work is excellent, charge them until it hurts
  11. That's great, good work. Man I had a blast at the "Smoke Out" the two years we dragged our butts up there. Geno was going to do an a piece on my seats a few years back, it never panned out but Katmandu did a piece on my stuff for a local rag late last year. Got a good chance to talk with Paul Cox and did a few jobs for Billy Lane. I'm kind of glad it has died off a bit, seats where a lot of work.
  12. These blades I bought at the Alafia River Rendezvous from the maker. They are 1098 and fairly inexpensive, sharp as the dickens and good edge retention. They are 4 5/8" from tip to the end of the stick tang. The full tangs may be another ¼" longer. I have made a dozen or so blades but the guys I know that make them are master bladesmiths so it's better all around if my buddies make my blades for me. This is one of the full tangs. one of my home made, actually my first home made blade, with a very early sheath.
  13. Thanks, I'm excited about venturing into this very primitive look, for way too long my leather work has been pointed towards fancy and fine. Now I need to find some deer rawhide. This was bleached Goat rawhide I bought for making instruments. I've got another sheath on the bench for a Damascus blade that I'm using bovine rawhide, I've scraped it a bit thinner but I've got to find a source of unbleached deer rawhide so I'm not spending too much time on it or paying too much money. I'll be a little more serious next deer season
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