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  1. Oh, boo ,hoo, hoo, the bib ruined my paint. Tell em to man up and grow a pair. Wear marks add to the character of a scoot.
  2. Put it on your scooter and ride the crap out of it. Let it get weathered because it looks better that way and once in a while rub some Aussie conditioner on it.
  3. Don't be discouraged. I usually make a tool bag of some sort for charity auctions that doesn't have the amount of work in it that a seat would have.
  4. When the sun is out I like to put it on the Blazer dashboard for a bit depending on how warm it is. In winter it's either in the oven on low or in the windows of our enclosed porch depending on how cold it is. A heat gun should work well, too. I'm not too specific on times and stuff as I think that it isn't rocket science and I do what works for me. I once made a practice seat and left it outside, unintentionally at the start, for about 6 months in all sorts of weather and it looks pretty cool.
  5. If someone wants 7" spacing then that's what I'll do.
  6. I've used Snowproof, too, good stuff.
  7. All the time. I make my own pans and set them 6" apart. Oh, nice work on the seat!
  8. Haha,yup! The upside to not putting stuff on it too much is that weathered leather looks really cool. I've been using Aussie with horsebutt lately and been happy with the results.
  9. I'm not the best when it comes to putting stuff on my leather. I might put something on it once in awhile but that's about it. The only thing under the Aussie is black dye or on a very rare occasion, BIC permanent marker. After I tool and dye the piece, I like to throw it on the dash of our Blazer in the sun to get it good and warmed up. Then I put a pretty good amount of Aussie on a rag and work it in a bit. After that it's back on the dash until it's soaked in. In winter i do the same only in the oven on low.
  10. I use Fiebing's Aussie conditioner and like it. Cyber is right nothing is waterproof. If my scooter is out in the rain, my butt gets wet. There are worse things in life than that.
  11. Others on here might have had better success than me but I've found that with veg tanned you can get it somewhat water repellent but not water proof. I've been using horse butt lately and it seems to be better at repelling water.
  12. Sometimes I use little 280/250x4 inner tubes for padding. Riding on air is quite comfy.
  13. It looks like a cylinder to me, too. Nice Work, very clean!
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