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  1. very nice work do you make all your own internals ?
  2. Nice work as allways Nice work as allways
  3. looks good but where is the hinge ? i can see it and what hold the tension on the jaws?
  4. Mother in Law thats gold :rofl: :rofl: i would love to know the underside is that just tooled or diffrent leather ? oh and is that mexian round braid?
  5. amazing work can i ask how do you mount them? just using straps or do you have a mount system
  6. oh well shit happens but aside from that it's some dam nice work
  7. looks good do you have any more up pics ???? nd how dose it mount
  8. nice work can i ask how do you get the ends so round and keep the fold looking so neat
  9. wow that's really cool looking can i ask what did you end up using for the lace size spacing and also what type of stitch did you use and your carving is top notch as well
  10. looks good to me nice job is this your first seat or just first with carving ?? and the last pic looks better it looks to have shape to it
  11. hi looks good to me but what dye are you using i had a similar problem using the eco flow water base dye switch to oil dye and found it 100% better if it is water based try giving it a light spray of water first i found it helps the leather absorb the the dye better otherwise get an air brush setup and try that.
  12. hey guys i am looking at making some biker/trucker wallets and trying to sell them in the process of making my prototype at the moment but i have no idea of how much to charge $$$$ i will be using veg tan leather (i think it's about 2-4 ounce??) dye finishers oil ect have a thick chain and lobster clasp each will have basic carving on it and just cheep fabric liner of some sort? perhaps not??? thanks in advance Mat
  13. I have been building this on and off for the last few months this is the final result i am happy the new owner has had it on the bike for about 2 weeks now and is happy just need to weather proof it now let me know what you think
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