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  1. particle

    Digital printed holsters

    No, we were there to look at his 3D printer and only briefly talked about the color printer. I should have taken pics so I could read up on the models.
  2. particle

    Digital printed holsters

    For what it's worth, I just visited a shop for my 8-5. The guy had multiple commercial grade 3D printers, CNC machine, laser cutter, etc. He had this swanky printer that he said would even print on oil - not exactly sure how that works. He said I could even print on my skin with it... He uses it to print graphics on all of his 3D prints, golf balls for charity events, etc.
  3. particle

    Uh.. maybe in a minute ...

    He was looking for a " downloadable Flat Back Pan Cake holster for my Kimber Command II 45 ACP", in his words.
  4. particle

    Digital printed holsters

    Those look great! There's lots of DIY videos that show how to transfer laser prints to various items - wood planks, tile, etc., but I haven't bothered trying it yet. For those that really want to try something similar, Google "laserjet image transfer" and you'll find several variations of the same technique. Hard to compete with the ease (and results) of simply printing directly to leather though...
  5. particle

    Uh.. maybe in a minute ...

    Don't know if you saw my Facebook message, but in case you don't already know, your website is down. I sent someone your way that needed a particular pattern that I don't currently have.
  6. particle

    Holster / Pattern Videos

    I'm curious what exactly makes a good video in everyone's opinion? I've seen both ends of the spectrum in various threads - short, concise, only the basics, just a few minutes long, all the way up to full-length, no details skipped, showing every step along the way. I took a poll on one of the holster-related message boards a while back, and the responses were fairly evenly distributed. My videos aren't the greatest, but I generally try to make each one slightly better than the last. As a visual learner, most of what I know about leather working came from watching YouTube videos and studying photos online. JLSleather - if you decide to make a video, I'm sure I'll watch it, and enjoy every minute of it. What you won't see is me coming here talking negatively about it, because as an amateur video maker myself, I know how much work went into producing it.
  7. That's a great looking batch of holsters Rohn!
  8. Wow! Very nice! I really like the leather you chose. Cool to see the brand scars included in the build as well.
  9. Thank you! I actually just posted another one if you're interested in watching it. This time I included a thumb break.
  10. particle

    Tippmann boss tension problem

    Is your needle too small? Do you have any larger needles you can try? (FYI, I'm posting the following link because they show typical needle sizes for given thread sizes)
  11. Thank you! The interesting thing to me was the entire project took about 80 minutes, start to finish, including the pattern (according to the overall unedited video length). But when the whole thing takes place over 2-3 days, it seems like they take forever to complete! Regarding the beveler - I used two different edgers. One on the straight parts, and one on the curved ends. If you're referring to the straight section, I don't recall the make & size of that edger, and I can't access my old orders on Springfield since they updated their shopping cart system since I placed the order, but it's from Springfield. I can get you whatever info is stamped on the blade if that's the one you're referring to. If you're referring to the edger I used on the curved ends, that is an old #2 Tandy that's been sharpened (incorrectly?) so many times, the 'toes' are much shorter than they were originally. Works great on tight corners like that.
  12. I assume you're talking about the area in green? If so, yes, the stitch line could be tightened up maybe 1/8" on either side. I had another holster maker (who's been at this game a lot longer than myself) tell me my holster would be way too tight because I didn't allow any extra room for a sight channel.
  13. particle

    G21 and G43 Holsters

    Great looking holsters Josh - very clean work! Mind if I asked how you achieved the pink coloring?