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  1. Seems like Wickett and Craig prices from suppliers keeps going up. Hard to make $ buying by the square foot.
  2. I have been hand stitching using Tiger Thread that is .8mm in size in a color the call Mid Brown and another color called Havana Cigar. I will be machine stitching soon and want to find thread that is close in color to the Mid Brown and Havana Cigar Tiger thread colors that I currently use. I will use 138 machine size thread... Can anyone point me the right direction of where to get some thread but also that would closely match colors of what I am currently using with the Tiger thread?
  3. My main objective is getting the right machine. I would however like it to be setup to be comfortable working on projects and not having to stand at a machine to sew projects. Every video I can find of the Cobra 26 shows someone standing and sewing. I am having issues keeping up with inventory of our products with hand stitching and anticipate needing a lot of time behind the sewing machine to keep our inventory up. The Cobra 26 looks very appealing as it looks to sew small leather goods which is what I do, plus perhaps bags and other items a little easier down the road with the cylinder. If I go the with the Cobra 26, I would definitely get the table adaptor and I am just trying to figure out can you lower the machine so it can be used sitting at a desk chair to use the machine.
  4. The Cobra 26 has been another one that I have been interested in, but it looks like you have to stand up or have a high stool to operate the machine. I would prefer to sit down at a table to sew. I have not seen the cobra 26 offered in one of those U shaped tables. Am I correct about the height of the machine?
  5. Was almost ready to pull the trigger on Juki1541S and now wanting to consider a Cobra. The Cobra 17 is a 69 to 138 thread. The Cobra 18 and 20 says a 69 to 207. According to the internet. The Juki1541S seems more comparable to the Cobra 17 in terms of thread capability. Is that a fair assumption? The Cobra 17 is definitely less expensive. I am sewing wallets, journal covers, and maybe some belts... Can anyone share some thoughts on the Juki versus the Cobra 17, 18, and 20. Thanks
  6. Wizcraft thanks so much for the detailed info... It has made me think through this in other ways. The wallets that I sew have the interiors pieces that can be 4 to 6 oz...that have to be sewed before getting to the end process of sewing 14 oz of leather. From your response, its not just max thickness of leather, but also consider how thin the machine has to sew as well. Is the CB3200 still a machine I should be looking at for 138 thread on 4 oz leather interiors? Is there another cylinder that would be better for small goods like wallets, journals, belts...and allow me to try some bags in the future. Even with wallets, I can sort of see the advantage of a cylinder with sewing a bifold. When I hand stitch a bifold, I hang the wallet off the table to edge groove and punch holes when working close to the spine. I am told you can still machine sew Bifolds with a flat table machine...but a cylinder seems like it would be easier.
  7. I make small leather goods such as wallets and journals...have desire to try some belts. Bags would be in distant future maybe... I hand stitch using tiger thread .8mm for my leather goods. Kind of like the heaver thread look. If I add up the oz for a bifold wallet, it could be a thick as 9 to 14 oz of veg tan leather. Time for a sewing machine. Looking at table tops: Consew 206RB-5, Juki1541S Cylinder Arm: Cowboy 3200, CB227R Like most, I can't decide if I really want a flat table machine or a cylinder arm and get the table add on option. One thing that I am 100% is I don't want the machine on a pedestal where I have to sit on a bar stool height chair or stand to operate like I see a lot of the cobra models. I think I will be doing lots of sewing and want to sit down and be comfortable doing so. I have seen some U shaped tables for some of the cylinders that look like a better option for sitting down and sewing. For thread size, I am thinking the thread size I would use would be 92 or 138. Is the CB3200 too large for what I do? Any other cylinders that would be in the price range of these other machines? Any thoughts on these table top machines for what I do.
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