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  1. Thank you for those details @Trox very helpful. I’m debating in my mind if I need a speed reducer since I do prefer to have the needle position sensor active. Just picked up a used Juki 1341 and starting to run a few test pieces, but so far I don’t think I need a reducer. Enduro SM645-1P seems to be okay.
  2. Bought 2 old stock from a local shop. He said they fit a Adler 239 but don’t fit my 241. I paid $20 each thinking I struck gold. Please check your parts manual to make sure they fit your machine. Thanks, Paul
  3. @trickydaze any feedback on using the SEIKO part # 10546A thread tension release? Also would you have a picture of the innards of your machine? Believe I’m missing a pressure bar spring. Thanks! Paul
  4. Thank you Constabulary. My quest continues, the B14602460A0 came in the mail and your correct, needed modification to get it to fit. Long story short and one nasty pinch from a needle nose I ended up breaking it. Next stop to my local shop, old stock Adlers 06811013 in hand! Wrong size! I’m not giving up just yet. I emailed Duerkopp-Adler awaiting a reply for a part number. What’s the difference in Durkopp to now Duerkopp? Appreciate your German knowledge! I’ll scour this site for another possible part number as I really want this silly thread release to work. Thanks for following along and any more ideas are welcome. Paul
  5. Thanks to Uwe I’m okay with my stitch length being off a bit. 8 forward and 5 in reverse, but still need thoughts on the tension release widget. Thank you.
  6. Hello everyone, Recently purchased a Dürkopp 241-5 and have a few questions for you experts. Also huge thanks to everyone that’s ever posted information on this machine, as you know not the best info out there in regards to printed material. Anyways, Thread tension release slide or glide. Looking for a good part number or would the Juki B14602460A0 work? Strangely I don’t even see this part installed. Possible someone removed it or did some not come with it from the factory? I see the pin is installed and appears not worn. I’ve been sewing without it, but wouldn’t mind having the release option. Thread tension, I followed several videos but this machine just doesn’t have the same adjustments as shown. Other than making sure the needle bar to pressure bar is set I’m not sure what else can be done. Trying at 19/64ths as shown in the singer 111W manual, but have no idea what the correct setting is. Stitches are far from balanced in forward and reverse. Again thank you to everyone that reads my rambling and if you have any information to share please do. Paul
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