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  1. I found one but need to download it. It's from a facebook group. How do you attach a file?
  2. Thank you guys. I guess by biggest concern is creating stitching holes. From what I have researched I found that adobe didn't have some of the features on the iOS as it does on the MAC or Windows program. All the tutorials I have found have options on there that don't exists or I can't find on Adobe. So I switched to AF because it has more options and is a lot cheaper. However I can't find any good tutorials about leather working and creating stitching holes for AF. So how do you create stitching holes in AF? would be the more direct question. I can create a dashed line and make the dashes circles at a given interval, however I can't figure out how to convert that line into individual shapes to subtract from another shape - basically make a stitching holes in shapes - From what I gather, if I want to laser cut leather. this is important to do. Would it be better to just create a bunch of circles and some how measure them out and subtract those?
  3. This is my first post, I am happy to be apart of this community. I have found may answers on this form via google so I figured I would sign up and be more involved. So I have a question about Affinity Designer for iPad. I am use to drawing programs and CAD programs. I purchased the iPad and adobe illustrator to get away from using my work's drawing programs to create my leather patterns. Come to find out that adobe illustrator for iPad does not have the core functionality that I need for pattern design. So I purchased Affinity Designer for iPad. So far I am liking the program, there is a learning curve but nothing crazy. My question is does anyone us Affinity Designer on the iPad for patterns? If so I would like to talk more about how you get stitching holes, I have used dashed lines that I make into holes but can't seem to subtract them from the shape. I know in illustrator you can convert them from a line to a shape and subtract them. This is good for laser cutting. Any other tips or tricks with this program are welcome as well.
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