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  1. People seem to forget that it wasn’t made for industrial work it is a domestic machine, you can get away with buying an old industrial like the Pfaff 460, Singer 95k40 and others, they might be old but just as effective as say a new Juki.
  2. It is an old machine but a good one, it has more piercing power than most of the new domestic machines. When we buy an industrial machine we presume it is the best machine out there which is normal because we all take pride in what we own. I ended up buying a Brother industrial sewing machine because the owner of the tailor shop was buying new machines, Juki was the brand, he told me the machine he gave to me had more piercing power than the new Juki model he was buying.I have to check the model of the Brother as it is packed away with other machines. A lot of the older industrial machines are just as good as the new ones.
  3. The Pfaff has more resistance to overcome than a cheap Chinese Singer, if you put your foot down on the cheap one it would probably bounce off the table, a good Pfaff 230 with motor working well will do a better stitch and have more piercing power than a cheap Chinese Singer, I’d say go for the Pfaff, the Singer 201 is probably the best domestic machine ever made, (1940-1950). By the way a clone singer 20u is really an industrial machine and costs well over a $1000 so there is no comparison.
  4. I’d rather have the Pfaff 230 than the crappie new machine from China, maybe your brushes need replacement, I have found the Pfaff very powerful for home sewing, it’s lasted this long , how long do you think the machine made in China will last.
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