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  1. Extra thick soft temper, low stretch chrome tan leather is very rare and hard to get. I have been searching for a couple years to use making moccasins. If you are butt stitching like the Arrows then you will need at least 3mm thick. One option would be Horween Chromexcel. Maverick Leather Co. often stocks some of this in thicker weights. chromexcel is suitable for footwear uppers since it is a chrome retan and therefore pretty stable with wet dry cycles. The temper is usually medium/soft so reasonably easy to work with. Another option would be chrome tanned Bison leather, this is usually very soft but it can also be stretchy if it is the "shrunken" variety. Distant Drums sells thick chrome bison in the US. Some latigo leathers can also have a medium/soft temper.
  2. Awesome! thanks for the info much appreciated
  3. Can anyone help me identify this type of rivet? I would like to find out who sells these but don't know where to start or even what they are called. Thank you!
  4. The sole of the moccasin in the OP is not molded. That is chrome tan leather that just barely has a soft enough temper to shape without heat or water. A combination of edge skiving and the stitching method "gather" up the material at the upper edge resulting in the 3D shaping of the sole.
  5. Awesome! thank you for the reference, I will talk to them to learn more about their heavyweight chrome tan leather.
  6. I have read that there is or was a tannery in the UK that manufactured heavyweight (say 10 oz plus) chrome tan leather using Swiss Brown cow hides. Does anyone know which tannery this might be? Thank you
  7. Would appreciate is someone knows of a source for leather with the following properties: Chrome tan 10oz or greater medium/soft temper low stretch When I can find it I use Horween Chrompak but it is pretty rare in heavier weights so I have been searching for other options Thanks!
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