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  1. Hi folks, I hope everyone is well. I recently put out a few questions to you re. purchasing an Adler 069-373 - thanks again for your help and patience - well I went ahead and bought one and thought I would share the results with you. I rebuilt the table in 40mm ply (just over 1 1/2") , stained the top, re-fit the head, fit the new 1hp servo motor, added a leather belt, fit the knee lever, fit the lamp, fit the thread holder and finally the draw (not in the pics). Still a bit of work to do - new EDL machine lamp decal and to eventually convert this beautiful machine to a binder - curtesy of KHSew. Will post about that upgrade too. I may build a wooden flat bed for it also.. I really enjoy working on these old machines, I did my Adler 105 and it looks just as good as this on it;s original heavy duty stand. Better photographs of the build here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjA3Xed Thanks for looking, keep up the good work Thomas
  2. Thank you all. So - 67 needle feed / regular bobbin 167 needle feed / larger bobbin 167-373 walking foot / larger bobbin Is that right? Many thanks T
  3. Many thanks for the responses guys, appreciate that. What is the 'subclass 373' please? Thanks T
  4. Hi folks, I hope you and yours are well. I am interested in a heavy duty Adler flatbed machine. I have an Adler 105-064 and an Adler 069-373 (converted to a binder) but I want an Adler heavy flatbed to add to the collection that can handle 24oz canvas with Tkt20 thread / 140 needle. Which would be the best mahcine for the job? 67, 68, 205? Or am I way off? Many thanks Thomas
  5. Thanks so much Glenn! Appreciate that. Will go ahead and purchase and convert. Will post pictures up here again once I'm done with the conversion. As always - thanks a lot for the advice and support folks! Thomas
  6. Thanks so much for the reply and the info. Do you think it is worth doing on the 373 or should I look at another machine? I want to stick with Adler - I'm a sucker for the old machines. I am working with 24oz canvas for reference. Thank you
  7. HI folks, I hope you and yours are well. I currently own an Adler 105 and am in the market for a matching Adler 069 binding machine. My question to you knowledgeable people is - can you easily convert an Adler 069-373 to a binder or does it need to be a completely different machine? Thank you Thomas
  8. Thanks guys! Appreciate your time on this. Best, T
  9. Hi folks, Anyone know the cheapest/most affordable place to get leather thinned in London or the UK? For example a half butt thinned from 2.5m to 1.5m Thanks, Thomas
  10. Hi folks, Anyone know the cheapest/most affordable place to get leather thinned in London or the UK? For example: 2.5m - 1.5m Thanks, Thomas
  11. I am working with 24oz 100% cotton canvas. Making heavy canvas and leather bags. Old fashioned style. I make belts also, working up to wallets. Thanks for your help guys. T
  12. Thanks Constabulary! that is very helpful to know the tension system is the same as the Singer 45k also. I believe it is the right tension part - going off original photographs I just need to make sure I can work out how to use it correctly. And thanks for the kind words on the set up - the stand is a real nice old green hammerite colour - super heavy duty. 2mm steel. weighs as much as the head! without the ply!
  13. Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to comment, really means a lot. Thanks to Northmount for moving the post - much obliged. Thanks to KGG for the heads up on CowBoy - have sent them a message. Thanks, Kawakneurder - I will drop durköpp adler a line, Tejas - thank you, will also use that manual. Cumberland Highpower - much appreciated on the insight, thank you. Will check out CowBoy and the Singer 45 bobbin. One thing I don't get is the tension system. The thread goes around the middle of the tensioning system 1.5 times (after going through the top tension spring plates) but the tightening of the lower tension spring doesn't make any difference to the tension of the thread - it just rolls around the middle section despite how tight or lose it is. Is the upper tension spring supposed to control the tension itself? Or am I missing something. Any thoughts on this would be ace. Thanks all! Humbled by the quick and detailed response. Thomas
  14. Hi folks! Thomas from London, England here. I have recently purchased an Adler 105-64 and did a re-build. (before and after pics below) - New tension apparatus - Replaced foot - Reconfigured the base - New table top (40mm ply) - Leather motor belt - New sash chain - Sanded and re-lacquered flywheel - Replaced broken German style wing nuts - Re-sprayed the Adler logo - 1hp Red Sun servo motor - Original EDL machine lamp I am struggling to learn more about this machine as online information seems to be limited. Does anyone have any information on the following please?: - How to correctly thread the machine through the tensioning system - How to correctly load and thread the shuttle bobbin - Thread tensioning adjustments - Parts that fit! Like alternative feet and attachments Any help on this glorious machine would be much appreciated, Thank you, Thomas
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