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  1. Would love to get connected with someone who'd be willing to run some pieces through their splitter for me. Willing to pay as needed. Send me a message if you are interested. I'm in north west Mesa.
  2. Great condition. Buyer pays shipping. $100 for all 3 irons.
  3. Hi Danne, Do you know anything further about this x style punching? Have you seen this video before? I've done a test run of this before and gotten linen thread to sit nicely on both sides. I'm doing a wallet right now and it's not sitting so nicely on the back side, he does front casting. Are you saying to do no casting on either side with this method? Thanks.
  4. Art, I just called and ordered a skiving knife from Bob. They said it would be about 2 months wait. I didn't ask how much they were because I didn't want to tell my wife yet. Do you remember off hand what you paid for yours? Thanks.
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