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  1. I have just acquired an old USMC ideal manual clicker and would like to make it a two hand operation by fixing a dead man switch to it any ideas would be most helpful
  2. I made a table runner that is 59”x20” when the back was taped it lay flat but when I removed the tape it now has waves how can I get rid of the wave to have it Lay flat again?
  3. I can attest to the Barry King tapered maul lifetime warranty and great tool worth every penny
  4. Thanks I tried to contact them but am not sure what country to know how to translate my message. I tried English but did not get a response. Thanks a million
  5. I bought a new tina 285 knife in july, used it one time and the guide on the blade broke, now I am trying to find another one. Not having much success, does any one have one that they are willing to part with. I am building custom boots, and that is what i use to cut the edge for the welt on the insoles. I found one for 153.00 Euros, but would like to find one in the US is possible. Thanks for any tips or leads Rick\
  6. Is this machine still available? The phone numbers seem to have been disconnected I am interested 915-342-6000 Rick
  7. I purchased a cobra class 4 from Leather machine company, I love it!!! the service is great, the machine is wonderful, I have a customer that wants a little wallet out of napa calf skin, was wondering if I could sew it on my Monster, and what would be the smallest needle and thread I could use. been working leather off and on for 40 years, but just got a sewing machine. Great on hands....Thank you Steve and Dave you guys are the best..
  8. thanks a million, I was really confused because it came in a Tandy envelop, and I could not see how to use it. still dont think I have the other pieces, but hate to throw it away!
  9. I found this in an old set of hardware from Tandy does anyone know what is or what it's for? Thanks Rick Should say was in a Tandy envelope
  10. you can contact Proleathercarvers on ebay and I bet Jim can find them for you. Rick
  11. anyone know who did this holster? I thought it was incredible, A friend of mine sent me the image. asked if I could do something like this? bikeholster.pdf
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