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  1. Thank you all for your input! I've been learning a lot on the thread exchange's info pages, they're extremely helpful. I am probably leaning towards lmc, because of the colors they have, but thread exchange looks to have really nice stuff, as well. I appreciate the suggestions!
  2. I just picked up a cowboy 3200. I would like to buy some thread for it (277), but don't really know what I'm looking for when shopping online. As i understand it, i need thread that is lubricated? Polyester or nylon? If there a reason to use one over the other. Is one more suited to certain applications than another? I see a lot of thread on Amazon, but i don't see that it is listed as being lubricated. I have a Chinese shoe patcher, but didn't pay any attention to if the thread was lubricated, just bought nylon 138 thread. Anyone have recommendations for suppliers?
  3. Called CowboyBob last week and he had just recieved a cb3200 in, barely used with edge guide and set of single left and right feet. At that time, hadn't even been able to go through it. They went through it over the weekend, so i drove down to toledo (3 hour trip down, then 3 back) and picked it up today. SERIOUSLY nice machine!!
  4. I use 138 thread in mine with 22 needles. I'll try to attach a screenshot of the needles i use. They don't have a flat, side where they mount, but i position carefully and works great. Had to adjust the needle height, but that's about it.
  5. Yes, every time with the test pieces to make sure the knot is centered in the material.... it's become second nature and normal to me. The idea of having to do elsewise is foreign! Haha I would really appreciate being able to use both hands to manipulate the materal, as well! Put a piece of oil tanned on it and it just wants to sit in one spot, the foot has trouble moving the sticky stuff. It does well for what it is- a 100 dollar machine made in a dirty Chinese back ally with rudimentary tools and techniques. My wife is crafty and loves painting things. She wants to participate in craft shows as an outlet for her hobby (instead of stockpiling completed projects in the basement). I'd like to make some dog harnesses, simple tote, belts and other items with exposed stitching and join her. I just can't bring myself to sell anything with exposed stitching that is so variable, however. I don't expect to become rich off this hobby, but it would be nice to earn back the money I've paid on the tools and leather. Which, would give me more money to buy more leather!! I really like buying leather! Haha
  6. Thank you for all the advice. I was surprised to learn about the cb341, it had totally slipped under the radar! In my minimal knowledge of the machines, i would have expected the cb3200 to be more expensive. It is heavy duty and the cb341 is medium duty, but the cb341 is 200 dollars more than the cb3200. Is the cb341 machine a better design? I don't foresee needing to go thicker than 3/8", but i don't want to drop that much cash and be limited on a multi-pocket messenger bag/tote/ doctor's bag. I know i can always skyve, but.... I am not locked onto any machine yet, i just have minimal understanding of the different machine styles. I know they are all clones of much more expensive machines and adapted to leatherwork, but is the juki 341 a better designed machine, just less heavy duty than the 441? Push comes to shove, i could live with a max thread size of 207. Holsters aren't that large, i could hand sew those. Once again, thank you for your advice and tolerance of my ignorance.
  7. Looking for a machine. Bags, wallets, holsters, belts. Hand sewing is tedious and not my thing, is holding me back. I'm fortunate to work in Healthcare and to have worked through the pandemic. However, i was hoping to have found more used machines being sold, now that people are back to work and are ditching all the covid hobbies. I like the cobra class 26, but was disappointed it only uses up to 207 thread. Currently have a Chinese shoe patcher using 138 thread, but the lack of a compound walking foot is a big detriment, stitch length is highly variable, not very professional appearing (imo). I prefer 138 or thicker thread. I think chunky, contrasting-color thread looks great on wallets and holsters, so would like the option to go 346 or higher. I like stitching to be part of the look, not just functional. I am not an expert by any means and admit that i don't know much about machines. I don't know, of course, what i don't know, which is why I'm here. I REALLY like the class 26, cylinder arm, the warranty, the reputation, but i don't like being limited to 207 thread. The price is almost in my grasp (2390 at time of this post), but can't afford it by the time you also add tax and shipping (440 shipping to southwest Michigan). Also looking at the cowboy 3200, but eyeing the 3500, as well (2195 and 2695, respectively). Toledo is 3+ hours from me, but I'd be able to drive down to save the shipping cost. I've called Bob briefly, but forgot to ask what shipping cost would be. I don't mean to make myself a pest calling with single questions every 5 minutes. Lol Is there a benefit of the class 26 that would cause it to edge out the 3200 and its ability to use 346 thread? Is cowboy's warranty and customer service as good as cobra's? I find and read a lot about cobras, but not as much about cowboy machines. Again, I am ignorant to all of this, so i don't know what questions i should be asking, so any advice is appreciated! Thank you, in advance!
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