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Yiwu market china has become one of the great places to shop along with Shanghai and Hong Kong. But unlike those two cities that are upscale, you can get the best low wholesale prices for regular consumer products in Yiwu. It is so popular now that about 300,000 foreigners go there to shop each year.

Yiwu Market Products

The world’s largest wholesale market of commodity 


More and more people visit Yiwu city every year. Yiwu Market – biggest wholesale market in the world, more than 100 000 suppliers, manufacturers have a booth here. 

Do you want to import from China World’s  Largest Wholesale Market




China Yiwu International Trade City is located in Yiwu China, Zhejiang province, is a modern continuation of Yiwu small commodity market, now has a business area of more than 8,000,000 square meters, 75,000 booths,  is one of the World’s largest small commodities export base of international small commodity circulation, information, exhibition center, in 2005 referred to as “the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market” by the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley authority.

Yiwu Markets List

  1. Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 1
  6. International Production Material Market (国际生产资料市场)
  7. Huangyuan Clothing Market (篁园服装市场)
  12. Zhezhong Timber Market (浙中建材市场) 

Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 1 


Yiwu market District 1, alternatively called Yiwu Market , consists of two adjacent blocks: the original District 1 and the newly-expanded East Mart. The former has been running since year 2002 and the latter is newly put into use in early 2016. Jewelry, accessories, jewelry beadings, artificial flowers, crafts and toys are mainly concentrated in this market. Since 2002, the International Trade Market District 1 has always been the busiest block all the time. More than that, District 1 has bearing a profound meaning itself. It’s the earliest built market and has gone through the same development history as Yiwu city has done. Next, we’ll show you some photos and live videos we’ve taken at the District 1, and will tell you which products are available in District 1, and how to make a deal with storefront suppliers.


Yiwu market District 1 Guide

Ok, so now you are standing at the District 1. You are shocked by aisles and arrays of dazzling gadgets. You don’t know how and where to start, you are totally lost. Here is the ocean of small commodities. Don’t worry. Let us help you find the right way out. First off, you need to find the guide board. On that board, the official has listed all available products in a clear and orderly way. In that District 1 alone, nearly exceeding 10,000 suppliers are affording commodities mainly on the 1st , 2nd and 3rd floors there.

International Trade Market District 1 (国际商贸城一区)

Floor Product Categories
District 1-1F Inflatable Toys, Electric Toys, Ordinary Toys, Stuffed Toys, Artificial Flowers, Components for Artificial Flowers
District 1-2F Jewelry and Accessories, Hair Ornaments
District 1-3F Porcelain & Crystals, Components for Accessories, Photo Frames, Tourist Handicrafts, Decorative Handicrafts, Festive handicrafts
District 1 east-1F Ornament Accessories
District 1 east-2F Ornaments, Ornament Accessories
District 1 east-3F Ornaments

Yiwu market District 1 


Yiwu decoration Market


Yiwu Craft market


Yiwu Toy Market


Yiwu Jewelry Market


Yiwu Festival Decoration Market


Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 2



The Yiwu market District 2 is adjacently connected to the District 1. Just as its name implies, it’s the second oldest market building in Yiwu. It’s first put into use in 2004, and so far, it has accommodated more than 8,000 storefronts. It is the most featured with the Centralized Purchasing Center, which is set up for large sourcing groups, such as Wal-Mart, China Mobile, and China Telecom. As for product category, it mainly is involved with luggage, hardware tools, watches, lights, etc. Now, let’s have a look at what particular products are listed there and where you should pay attention to while doing business with them.


Yiwu market District 2 Guide

As always, find the Guide Board first. It will tell you what’s sold here and how to find your product. According to the official numbers, over 20,000 suppliers are available here, and most of them are concentrated on the 1st to the 4th floor.

Floor Product Categories
District 2-1F (F&G section) Ponchos, Packaging, Umbrellas, Bags, Suitcases
District 2-2F (F&G section) Hardware Tools, Components, Locksets, Electrical Engineering Products
District 2-3F (F&G section) Clocks, Watches, Small Household Appliances, Kitchen and Sanitary Hardware, Telecom Supplies
District 2 4F (F&G section) Electronic Instruments, Photographic Apparatus, Batteries, Lamps, Flashlights, Electronic Products, Clocks, Watches, Boutique Bags, Suitcases.


Yiwu market District 2 Gallery

image-28.jpeg Gate of Yiwu market district 2

Ceramics in yiwu market


Electronics products in Yiwu market


Packing area in Yiwu market


The hats in yiwu market district-2


Umbrella and rain gear in Yiwu market2


Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 3


Yiwu market District 3 stands opposite to the Yiwu market District 2 but still are united together with the interconnecting walkway. It’s opened in 2005 and up to now, supplier numbers have exceeded 8,000 or so. Affording items are focusing on the office and school supplies, cosmetics and clothing accessories etc. Besides that, in order to provide buyers a better sourcing experience, effecting distribution and facilitating service are readily available nearby. Especially to deserve to be mentioned, it’s among the top destinations for you to purchase small volumes in Yiwu. Now that being said, let’s move on to see what products are there.


Yiwu market District 3 Guide

About 460,000 square meters apply building area. Suppliers registered in record are mainly engaged in the following business categories such as cultural products, sports supplies, cosmetics, glasses, as well as zipper, button and other clothing accessories. According to the guide board, items are listed below.

Floor Product Categories
District 3: 5F Painted Pictures
District 3: 4F Buttons/Zippers/Clothing Accessories/Cultural and Sports Goods/Cosmetics
District 3: 3F Cosmetics/Accessories Parts/Mirrors and Combs/ Buttons/Zippers/Clothing Accessories
District 3: 2F Office and School Supplies/ Sports Equipment/ Sports and Leisure Products/ Educational Toys
District 3: 1F Pen & Inks/ Paper Products/ Glasses
District 3: -1F Spring Festival Pictures, Calendars and Spring Couplets


Yiwu market District 3 Gallery


yiwu market district 3 gate

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Garment Accessories Stationery Accessories

Garment accessories in Yiwu market


Yiwu stationery market


Accessories parts in yiwu market


Businessman choosing cosmetics in yiwu market


Office supply in yiwu market

Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 4



Yiwu market District 4 is a huge market standing next to the Yiwu market District 3. It’s recognized as the largest district so far among 5 market blocks both on the size and booth numbers. It covers as large as about 1,080,000 square meters and more than 20,000 suppliers are doing wholesale business there. Numerous aisles and streets are bustling with buyers and visitors from all over the world. International and domestic buyers are warmly welcomed here. In my opinion, the biggest selling point that the District 4 has earned is the commodity itself, for those items are from the most competitive industries in local Yiwu.


Products you can source from Yiwu market district 4

As many as 20,000 stalls are selling arrays of small items at District 4. Here you can find an ocean of wholesale products at an amazingly competitive price. If you are a trader on the socks, daily consumables, kittens, caps, or shoelaces, laces, towels, threads, lingerie etc, district 4 is the best place for you to get a potential edge on your sales. We can see from the guide board. The district 4 has five floors, and specific items offered are as follows:

Floor Product Categories
District 4: 5F Manufacturing Outlet Center, Tourism Shopping Center
District 4: 4F Scarf, Belt, Lingerie, Underwear
District 4: 3F Shoes, Thread, Tapes, Towels, Necktie, Lace, Yarn
District 4: 2F Daily Consumables, Hat, Gloves
District 4: 1F Socks

Yiwu market District 4 Gallery

Kitchen supplies in yiwu market


Yiwu craft market


Hats on the shelf in yiwu market


Accessories area in yiwu market


Daily necessities in yiwu market


Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 5

Yiwu Market International Trade Mart District 5

International Trade Mart District 5 is located in the south of ChengXin Avenue, the north of Yinhai Road, the west of 37 provincial highway, the east of the International Trade Mart District 5, the transportation is convenient. Market covers an area of 266.2 mu, building area 640000 square meters, total invest 1.42 billion yuan, five floors on the ground, two floors underground, have 7000 booths, mainly Imports goods, bedding, textile, knitting materials, automotive supplies and accessories, etc.

The biggest bright spot of International Trade Mart District 5 is the Imports pavilion which is located in the first floor. Compared the original import commodity pavilion, this one has new business area of 100000 square meters, and the International Trade Mart  “never ending Canton fair” blend together, form a set of business, exhibition, negotiation in international commodities exhibition center, is an important part of the internationalization development strategy of Yiwu market.

Floor 1: Imported goods, African products direct sales center, jewelry, handicrafts, clothing shoes and hats, food (including alcohol), health care products

Floor 2:Bedding Floor 3: Knitting materials, needle, fabric, knitting materials, needle, fabric, curtain fabric Floor 4: Auto parts (motorcycles), auto supplies

List of All Wholesale Markets in Yiwu

When you come to Yiwu to purchase products, most naturally you’ll go to the wholesale markets, but if you only stick to the markets, you’ll miss another valuable source, that is the specialized streets we mentioned above. We’ll talk about it more in the following. 

Yiwu Wholesale Markets 

1). Futian Market (福田市场) 

Among all the 10+ wholesale markets, the Futian market is the largest one and most famous one in Yiwu. It has over 50,000 booths across 5 Districts, from District 1 to District 5, with most popular categories such as toys, suitcases & bags, jewelry & accessories, small appliances, etc. 

Address: No.69,Chouzhou North Road (稠州北69号)


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