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  1. Recently been very interested in understanding what the big brands in the leather industry are using to create quality leather paints. From looking at different safety data sheets I can see they all share one basic ingredient Poly(methyl methacrylateco-ethyl acrylate), or P(EA/MMA), in combination with water and various pigments. I am curious if anyone has had any experience with making their own leather paint formulas, similar to the ones above. Is it as simple as buying and mixing together, or are many ingredients omitted from the actual safety sheets? I have experimented airbrushing with some artist acrylics in the past however the adhesion, flexibility and durability is just not there. Feel free to share any knowledge you might know on the topic, I would be happy to learn what ever I can as I am not a chemist but would love to make some quality paints on my own!
  2. Hello everyone, looking to identify this sole stitcher. The plate only reads Vilh. Pedersen model 313 but could come up with no exact matches online. I have read the older forums and pictures only to conclude it could be a Sutton 317 or Landis type but looks fairly different from them as well. Looking to find out more about it and hopefully a manual as well. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. Makes a lot of sense now. They are pretty difficult to come by even in Europe cant imagine about the US. This particular machine was my fathers so ill be keeping it BUT if I manage to find any other heavy duties in the future I can get in touch.
  4. As always thank you for all the help! Will post soon regarding another Claes machine I will be starting on.
  5. Changing out the needle set screw is definitely on my to do list. Have been cleaning it up this past week and re tapping a few stripped out threads. Only a couple things left to do like get a spool holder and change out those little plastic rollers. Here she is! included the model number and it is a subclass 34. So I guess if I can get my hands on some sys 88 needles I will give them a shot as well.
  6. These are the needles the machine came with and they do sew great. But in terms of the "system" they would be 214x2 (aka 328 LR) if I am understanding it correctly. So totally different from the manufacturer recommended "system 88" and different from "332 LG" and somehow they still work... Just a bit confused understanding what a system is and how they differentiate.
  7. Hello everyone, bit of confusion over finding the correct needle for this patcher machine. After doing some reading I believe the machine takes system 88 needles? Problem is that they are a bit difficult to find where I am. Does anyone know if there are any other systems which would be compatible with this machine? Seeing tons of needles being sold in size 120/19 which is what I am looking for however they are not system 88.
  8. Hey there guys! if any members here are still active and have got ahold of that service manual would you be willing to share a PDF? Recently acquired the same machine but needs some work. Managed to find the operation and parts diagrams for it but no luck with service manuals. Any help would be appreciated!!
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