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  1. Thanks Dikman,  back in my mid 20's I worked as a maintenance fitter for a timber yard and they made mallet heads, paint brush handles, hence the little hammer, and Jarvis Walker fishing rod handles among other things...the owner did a bit of a shonky on me, so when I left I loaded the back of my ute with as much as I could....luckily a mate of mine bought him out so there was no drama over the " aquisition of goods " :whistle:



  2. I've started doing a bit of leather handled tool restoration.  This is my geologist pick I've had since I was 10, cleaned it up, re-pointed it and replaced the plastic spacers with brass and leather from an old pony club saddle I picked up at the re-cycle shop for $4.




  3. Showing my ignorance here, but if you don't ask, you don't find out....with the trend of leather bags with wooden ends, how is the leather attached to the wood ? is the stitching just for effect ?

    Second question.....When wet forming a pouch, I assume any carving or stamping is done first and then positioned accordingly in the former ?

    Curiously yours




  4. Just joined yesterday, hoping to learn stuff...here's a couple of jobs I've done recently....please feel free to critique .

    These were made with old pieces of leather...bit of a test run B)






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